Stick a fork in me! My Classroom is Ready!

Cause I’m done!
Well, you know. “Done”. Not DONE, like I won’t have to change it but “done” like good enough for now.
Except that as I wrote that sentence, I thought of two two things I still have to do. Oops.
I took a bazillion pictures. As a blog reader, classroom organization and layout one of my favorite things to read about, so I tried to be thorough. 

This is the view from the door to the far corner. The large “U” (which I’m not super crazy about, actually) is for teachers to meet and plan. I’m toying with separating the tables, but I don’t have enough chairs for four separate tables anyway, so for now, it’s a U. 

My sink, with my fridge (so excited to have one) and my cute little birthday balloons on top!

This is the corner where business gets done. Or will get done. It’s making me crazy that the printer is off-center, but that’s the only way the cable will reach the jack! I may have to purchase a longer one, because every time I look at it, I cringe. 
The boxes (also cringe-worthy) are full of materials for my filing cabinets, but the drawers don’t have racks to hold files. This means my files are still in limbo. That’s one of the things I remembered I have to do!

This shelf holds planning materials for teachers and me. The binders are for the three grade levels I’m mostly responsible for planning with (third, fourth, and fifth). I have the first nine weeks of curriculum printed, the state assessment released questions and tested items, planning documents, and some other miscellaneous planning materials. The tubs say “Teacher Materials” and they’re full of materials for planning and making samples. Markers, post-its, etc.

More blank bulletin board space and the scanner for scanning benchmark assessments. Still not hooked up! I don’t know what I’ll do on the spaces. Maybe some assessment information, so teachers can see how their kids are doing? What does your literacy lead have?

Back wall of the room. I just noticed two things. That’s a double-cringe. *cringe cringe* 
One is that my student made book basket (on the floor next to the brown shelf) is awfully messy. I think I just crammed them all in there! So I need to straighten them out a bit. Two is that I forgot my basket o’cords on the floor under the computer table. LOL! That’s getting shoved in the closet on Monday!

My mini-library and part of the word wall. I used the word wall letters from my bee themed classroom set, and the library labels, too. I added a few of specific series books I had.

Zoom in.

My featured back-to-school books on top, and nonfiction baskets below.

This is my guided reading space. I’m going to borrow small groups of kids, and I’d like to model strategies and structure of guided reading here for teachers as well. I left a space to add a reading strategies chart once I start working with kids On the back wall are decoding tools and strategies.

Here’s my teacher tools. On the bottom are word work games and activities and the top is organized for groups. I also have dry erase boards and supplies.
From the other side, my student space.

This space is for teachers to check out picture books for their classes. I placed my favorite read-alouds for the beginning of the year in the basket on top.

This shelf holds teacher resources. I organized them into resources for reading, writing, thinking maps, old school data, and lots of English Language Learner resources. On the bulletin board, I made some sample reader’s workshop charts that teachers might want to use with their kids to start reader’s workshop and independent reading.

Who’s Responsible During Reader’s Workshop chart

I-PICK to choose books

What is reading chart

Independent Reading Expectations

The whole teacher tools section

Cozy window!

On the opposite side from the picture books, I have chapter book sets that teachers can check out for shared reading. On the wall is a list of the titles I have available. I love my owl rug, but I’d kill for a bee! Haven’t found one (cheap enough) yet!

More chapter book sets!

The front of the room. I really wish I’d done yellow paper instead of white, but I had planned on using a different border and it didn’t work out. I kind of hate the little projector cart. I want to put a pretty fabric skirt on it, but I haven’t done it yet. Obviously.

From the part of the room opposite the door. Teacher workspace.

Calendars and important upcoming dates for district and campus. I’d like people to know where I am when I’m not in my room in case they need something.
I’m pretty darn happy with it! Especially considering this is how it all began:


So… what does your literacy leader/instructional specialist/ whatever they call my position at your school do or have? I’d love ideas on how to make my room more useful for teachers. 
I think that’s my job now.
I’m linking up! I couldn’t help but link up to every single classroom linky party because I love classrooms so very much. You should link up too, so I can see what your classroom looks like!

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  1. Somehow I missed that you were going to be a literacy lead! I'm just changing positions and becoming a reading specialist (so basically the same thing) for grades 3-5 at my school this year. We'll have to swap ideas!

    PS, I love your room and am super jealous of the space. I'm crammed in a teeny tiny room and don't have nearly enough bookshelves, but I wouldn't have anywhere to put them anyway. I have books in my storage cabinets right now which I'm not a fan of at all.

    The Dalton Gang

  2. I'm not sure how I ended up here! lol But I wanted to tell you that I think you've made a welcoming, personal, and helpful environment. I've been a math coach before, and it's hard to build a space that is inviting to both students and teachers. You've nailed it! Thanks for sharing, I loved getting a peak. ~ Mia

  3. Amanda, I have no idea where the carpet came from! I'm really trying hard to remember. Chances are it was either from Target or WalMart. Probably Target – and I'm positive it was on clearance several years ago, so I'm not sure where you could find him now! Sorry!!

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