Every teacher deserves a coach…and every coach does, too!

That’s what I believe, and it’s what drove me to start Buzzing with Ms. B: The Coaching Podcast in February of 2020. As a new instructional coach at a school, I had to build my own coaching community to get the direction and support I needed, and I felt like I was building the plane while I was flying it most of the time. Defining my instructional coaching role and figuring out how to conduct coaching cycles and build relationships with teachers was such a challenge! This pushed me to create this instructional coaching podcast as a resource for other coaches who were in the same boat as I was.

In every episode, I speak honestly about the challenges of instructional coaching and how to overcome them. We talk about working with resistant teachers, planning professional development, working as a PLC facilitator, and how to define your coaching role in a meaningful and purposeful way. Listen in to learn from instructional coaches in the field, conversations with coaching experts, and eavesdrop on coaching calls! It’s a great way to get professional learning that’s perfect for you!

What are coaches saying about the podcast?

THANK YOU for providing such a valuable resource! Moving into this position after 22 years of teaching has been a challenge, especially when the role is not clearly defined between buildings, administrations, and prior coaches. I appreciate your insight and suggested techniques to help me to be the best resource I can be to support teachers!
You always have relevant podcasts that discuss current issues – equity, PLCs, student behavior, working with difficult people – I ALWAYS take away chunks of information that will help inform my own coaching. Additionally, it’s so nice to have someone reassure me that this is normal and all coaches face this issue (whatever it may be) at some point. I am susceptible to the imposter syndrome and negative self-talk, so listening to your podcast keeps me in the right mindset to do the best I can without getting down on myself.
Chrissy is always super real. It’s very clear that she has walked the walk and isn’t just talking the talk. I look so forward to her podcast every week!