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A Simple Behavior Management Plan for Coaches, Ep. 130 Buzzing with Ms. B: The Coaching Podcast

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My administration used to ask me to coach in classrooms with no discernible behavior plan, aside from maybe yelling or punishment. I really wanted to avoid those rooms because it was stressful to coach in them. Since I couldn’t run away, I had to figure out a plan that worked when I was coaching on campus.
Over time, I created a proactive and positively framed management system for coaching in the classroom. My simple behavior management plan increases positive behaviors and helps reduce power struggles with students. You can use it whenever you model or co-teach in classrooms without a system in place. It worked for me and I think it can help you too.
In this episode, I discuss my simple behavior management plan for coaches and how to use it. I share stories about the classrooms I worked in and how the lessons I learned helped me develop it. You’ll hear about the three expectations I teach students and how I introduce them. Listen to learn practical ideas for using this proactive management plan when coaching teachers.

Topics and Questions Discussed in Episode 130 – A Simple Behavior Management Plan for Coaches

  • How to use the plan to coach teachers in classroom management before, during, and after the lesson
  • Being transparent with teachers that you are supporting student behaviors so they don’t assume the kids are acting better just because you’re there
  • The three expectations I teach when I model or co-teach in classrooms without a clear behavior management
  • Reducing power struggles with students
  • Identifying and recognizing positive student behaviors
  • Setting student goals around classroom expectations
  • Using this purposeful behavior management plan as a bridge to modeling or co-teaching
You can grab your free copy of the Behavior Management Plan for Coaches by entering your email below. It includes all the details on how to use this simple behavior plan.

Season 3 Final Episode

This is the last episode of Season 3, but don’t worry, new episodes will be back in February 2023. In the meantime, I’ll be busy planning content for Season 4 and need your help. I want to make sure I’m creating episodes that you want and that help in your coaching work. To ensure I focus on the right topics, I’m asking for your feedback. There are three ways that you can help me plan for Season 4.
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