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I help teachers and instructional coaches implement effective reading and writing practices in classrooms, navigate challenging relationships, and manage all of the responsibilities of being an educator right now! Whether you’re an instructional coach, teacher, or teacher leader, if you’re looking for quality resources, informative posts and podcast episodes, an honest and practical approach to complex issues, you’ve found your coach…

…and I’m so glad you found me! Here you can hunt through my teaching and instructional coaching resources for the one that will save you time today, read posts about great lesson ideas you can try out tomorrow, and listen to episodes of Buzzing with Ms. B: The Coaching Podcast to get professional development for instructional coaches right on your phone or laptop!

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Get the making inferences unit. It includes everything you need for a week-long unit about making inferences!

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These instructional coaching resources will save you time, keep you organized, and tell you exactly what to do next! Conduct coaching cycles, leave feedback for teachers, and get teachers talking at PLCs!

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Hey! I’m Chrissy and I’m here to help instructional coaches do their work with confidence and joy!

My resources and professional development are designed to take the doubt and guesswork out of instructional coaching by providing you with the tools and processes you need to do your job. Too many coaches have to figure everything out on their own, with little guidance or professional development from their school leadership. When you join the Buzzing with Ms. B instructional coaching community, you will find the support and professional learning you’ve been missing.

Check out my resources, read a few blog posts to get some new ideas, and listen to Buzzing with Ms. B: The Coaching Podcast for all the answers to your instructional coaching questions! There is something here on every topic: PLCs, professional development, coaching cycles, building relationships, and so much more!

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Chrissy Beltran sitting at a table smiling with a cup of coffe in front of her. The words "Coaching Call The Human Side of Coaching with Marianne Dominco" on the bottom.

The Human Side of Coaching with Marianne Domico – Coaching Call, Ep. 142 Buzzing with Ms. B: The Coaching Podcast

This episode is sponsored by Sibme Since February we’ve been exploring the human side of coaching on the podcast. We’ve talked about coaching, mindset, relationship building, resistance, communication, and so much more in this fantastic series. I’m really glad we…
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