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Instructional Coach Binder MegaPack: The #1 Tool Coaches Need

Instructional Coach Binder MegaPack Binder and pages on a desk with cute smiling binder clipsImagine this: you’re sitting at your desk. Your teacher documentation is organized, you have every form you need at your fingertips, and you know exactly how you’re going to spend your time today.

When you visit classrooms, you know what you’re looking for and you have an easy, positive way to share feedback with teachers.

Every resource you use is in its place, labeled, and ready to go. You’ve been using the Instructional Coach Binder MegaPack, and you’re ready to coach with confidence.

Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re ready for their day with all of the tools they need? 

As a new coach, I was re-inventing the wheel every day, spending my precious time creating documents that already existed and digging through binder after binder and book after book to find exactly the right form.

Desk with coffee cup, keyboard, stapler, phones, notebooks and pages from Instructional Coach Binder MegaPack
I’d visit classrooms and not know where to start, scramble to pull together RtI forms at the last minute, and race to data review meetings, planning in my head as I walked. Basically, I was underwater.
This is a pretty common experience for coaches. There’s just not that much support out there. If you feel like this, you are not alone. There are thousands of coaches across the country who feel just like you: unsupported. Coaches often have to forge their own way, sometimes even creating their job descriptions as they go.
But there’s an easier way to do this work. And it starts with getting the resources you need. 
Pages from the Instructional Coach Binder MegaPack
I created the Instructional Coaching MegaPack to help coaches just like you and me, who were starting from scratch every single day. It’s full of every form and organizational tool you need as a coach, whether you’re coaching literacy, math, science, or any instructional method or approach. The best part? Forms are printable AND editable pdfs, so you can print and go OR fill them in on your computer!

Seriously, it’s a lifesaver. Save yourself from reinventing the wheel on a daily basis with this comprehensive coaching resource.

Here’s what coaches have said about the Instructional Coach Binder MegaPack.

 It’s made just for instructional coaches.

Reviews for the Instructional Coach Binder MegaPack

It’s got everything you need.

Reviews for the Instructional Coach Binder MegaPack

Fillable forms make life easy!

Review for th Instructional Coach Binder MegaPack

It’s a lifesaver!

Review for the Instructional Coach Binder MegaPack
Binder and pages for the Instructional Coach Binder MegaPack
Want to know exactly what you’ll get in this gigantic resource? 

Check out the details for the Instructional Coach Binder MegaPack!

Coach in Style

To get you organized quickly, but help you match your style, too, there are fifteen different styles of calendars, binder covers and spine labels, and cute notes to leave when you visit classrooms, too! The best part? The calendars & binder covers are editable, making it easy for you to use them year after year.
Covers from the Instructional Coach Binder MegaPack
Covers from the Instructional Coach Binder MegaPackch. The Instructional Coaching Binder MegaPack is the comprehensive resource to help you get organized and document your time. This product includes editable and printable calendars in fifteen different styles, daily and weekly schedules, forms for classroom visits, data logs, documents for providing feedback to teachers, & SO MUCH MORE!

Styles Included

  • Black and white
  • Bright chevron
  • Confetti pattern party
  • Watercolor flowers
  • Black, white, and pink dahlias
  • Gold & white
  • Blue and yellow flowers
  • Bright pencils
  • Bees
  • Blush flowers
  • Coffee
  • Rainbow
  • School supplies
  • Crosshatched desktop
  • Salsa: citrus and lime chevron
Binder cover on binder and calendar from the Instructional Coach Binder MegaPack

Binder Covers Included in each style

  • Grade Level Binder Covers: Prekindergarten through eighth grade binder cover and spine label for a 3″ binder
  • Subject Binder Covers: Reading, Writing, Social Studies, Math, Science
  • Data Binder Cover
  • Teacher Documentation Binder Cover
  • Coaching Logs Binder Cover
  • PLC Binder Cover
  • Response to Intervention Binder Cover

Binder cover on binder and calendar from the Instructional Coach Binder MegaPack on a desk with a cup of coffee

Calendars Included in each style

  • 5-day calendar for planning
  • Full monthly calendar
  • Editable Full monthly calendar – use Keynote or PowerPoint to edit
  • Editable binder covers and spines – use Adobe to edit
Binder and pages for the Instructional Coach Binder MegaPack on a desk

Visit Classrooms

Instructional Coaching is about making change happen on your campus and supporting your teachers in their professional learning. Some of the most important tools in the MegaPack are the instructional coaching and observation tools!  These tools help you focus your classroom visits, leave feedback, and document your coaching cycle work with teachers.
Printable note from the Instructional Coach Binder MegaPack and a pen on a deskIn the Instructional Coaching Binder MegaPack, you’ll get…
  • School Initiatives Plan
  • Instructional Support Log
  • Coaching Cycle and Conference (2 pgs.)
  • Book Study Meeting Plan
  • Classroom Observation Log
  • General Classroom Observation Form
  • Focused Classroom Observation: Student Participation (2 pgs.)
  • Focused Classroom Observation: Lesson Alignment (2 pgs.)
  • Focused Classroom Observation: Compliance vs. Engagement (2 pgs.)
  • Focused Classroom Observation: Time Management (2 pgs.)
  • Teacher Instructional Goal Setting (with accountability piece)
  • Teacher Instructional Goal Setting
  • Grade Level Goal Setting (with accountability piece)
  • Grade Level Goal Setting
  • Praise Notes (3 pages) – 15 different style versions available in the printable binder materials file!
  • Classroom Observation Notes

Printable pages from the Instructional Coach Binder MegaPack with post it notes and highlighters on a desk

Review Data

Facilitating data conversations and helping teachers plan next steps is a big role. Data can be overwhelming, but these simple data review guides can help you make responding to data easy.

In the MegaPack, you’ll get…

  • Reflecting on Data Bookmarks
  • Data Review (2 versions)
  • Standard Review

Plan Professional Development

Stay organized while you’re figuring out what PD opportunities your teachers want and need and plan training that helps them grow!

In the Instructional Coach Binder MegaPack, you’ll get…
  • Professional Development Sign-In (3 versions)
  • Ideas for Professional Development
  • Professional Development Calendar (printable only; not fillable)
  • Planning Professional Development Organizer (2 versions)
  • Professional Development Agenda (2 versions)
Binder and pages for the Instructional Coach Binder MegaPack on a wooden desk

Plan Collaboratively

Managing a collaborative planning session with a grade level or group of teachers can result in chaos, but these planning guides help you stay focused and get it done well!

In the Instructional Coaching Binder MegaPack, you’ll get…

  • Focusing on the Standards
  • Integrating Data Review
  • Considering Misconceptions
  • Planning Day-to-Day (2 versions)
  • Weekly Planning Guide

Chrissy Beltran sitting in a coffee shop writing on the calendar from he Instructional Coach Binder MegaPack

Manage Your Time

Without a plan for your day or week, your time will slip right through your fingers. Figure out what you need to accomplish, schedule your days, and have a document that shows exactly where your time went.

In the Instructional Coaching Binder MegaPack, you’ll get…

  • Printable Only Color Monthly Calendar – 15 different style versions! (not editable)
  • Printable Only Black and White Monthly Calendar (not editable)
  • Week at a Glance: Planning Your Week
  • Daily Plan with Time Frames
  • Daily Plan (3 versions)
  • Daily Log (Record of Activities)
  • Student Intervention Log
  • Event Planning To-Do

Collect Documentation & Keep Records

Coaches have to keep track of so much. These forms help you document the important stuff and get the information from teachers that you need.

Two hands holdig the Teacher documentation Binder from  the Instructional Coach Binder MegaPackIn the MegaPack, you’ll get…
  • Teacher Documentation Form (3 times a year)
  • Teacher Documentation Form (BOY, MOY, EOY)
  • Teacher Documentation Form (monthly record)
  • Teacher Documentation Form (9 times)
  • Tutoring Log (Student Attendance)
  • At-Risk List by Teacher
  • At-Risk List with Teacher and Grade
  • At-Risk List with Teacher, Grade, and Qualifying Criteria
  • Teacher Documentation Received with Date
  • Teacher Documentation Received with 8 slots
  • Teacher Documentation Received by Grade Level
  • Grade Level Meeting Notes (2 versions)
  • To-Do List
  • Teacher Materials Issued Log
  • Resource Checkout Sheet
  • Purchasing Log

Response to Intervention Forms
RtI is a whole world of forms on its own. Keep it simple and consistent with these RtI forms for you and for your teachers.

In the Instructional Coach Binder MegaPack, you’ll get…

  • RtI Master List (2 versions)
  • RtI Referral Form (2 pgs.)
  • Progress Monitoring Form
  • Response to Intervention Log
  • Response to Intervention Meeting Log
Binder with cover and pages from the Instructional Coach Binder MegaPack on a wooden desk with smiling binder clips
Make today the day things change and coach with confidence!
Binder with cover and pages from the Instructional Coach Binder MegaPack with smiling binder clips on a wood grain desk
Need to try it out first? You can get a free sample of some of the materials included in this resource below!

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