New Kid on the Block

This was my first week in my new job. 
It was weird.
This school feels funny because it’s the same building as my old school, even though they’re across town from each other. Both buildings have been remodeled, in different ways, but the majority of the school is the exact same building. It feels like I’m still in my old school but all the rest of the staff has been replaced by pod people. Except that they’re much nicer and more excited to try new things than pod people would be. I think. I don’t really know very much about pod people.
I’m lucky that everyone was nice to me because I spent a lot of time walking in several different directions before actually figuring out which direction I wanted to go. And trying to figure out what my job was. It’s so different to be out of the classroom. I hope I’m ready for that.
I’m not going to have little baby bops on Monday, the first day of school. Instead, I’ll be supporting teachers. I will prepare materials for planning and model lessons. I’ll plan trainings and assessments and analyze data. And no little faces will follow me into the classroom every day. And no little fingers will make pencils write on paper scritchy-stratchy. And no little people will give me special hugs like I’m so important.
But I’ll deal. Because no little naughties will give me dirty looks. And no little naughties will give me heart attacks on state assessments. And no little naughties will make me drown my sorrows at home in a box o’wine. But it’s still sad.
Speaking of box o’wine… that’s totally happening right now. It’s been a busy week. I kind of lost track of days and just lived day to day because I am still learning what is expected and how to manage my time in this new position.
This week, I helped train for the district in writing. I’m also part of something called (oh gosh) a leadership team at my school. Yikes. On my campus, I provided training in balanced literacy with a focus on the shared reading component. I’ll share those materials below in case you’d like them. (It went very well. It made me feel a little better in a new place. The teachers were so kind and receptive. An aside, bloggers and readers: if I wasn’t a blogger and inundated by your constant great ideas, I don’t think I would have had as much to share, so thank you thank you thank you for being inspiring.) I’d like to help teachers try new ways of doing things they already know how to do. I’m excited to share Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop with teachers at my new school (3-5. K-2 is doing Daily Five).
Tomorrow (I promise) I’m linking up with Lindsay at My Life as a Third Grade Teacher for her Must Haves for Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop. 
And today, you can grab my training materials for shared reading. I included a balanced literacy overview, schedule, and some shared reading planning documents. Hope they’re helpful!
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  1. OMG!!!! I am SOOO happy I found you. It is as if you are me. I almost cried reading your post because you and I are almost EXACTLY in the same boat. For the first time, I am no longer in the classroom. Back to school night and the first day of school were almost more than I could handle- the sadness of seeing all the teachers and students starting a new journey together and knowing that will not be my journey. It is bittersweet though because on day 2 a kid was throwing a fit in the hall and refusing to go to class so my thoughts were at least I don't have to deal with things like that anymore. lol

    I, too, am training classroom teachers with balanced literacy. I love the way you put it as trying new ways of doing the things they already know because that is exactly what it is. I LOVE your resources. Thank you so much for sharing. I WILL be visiting your blog often. 🙂


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