Classroom Jenga? And Bees are the best

All right, I took a few days off but it’s time for me to resurface. Briefly.

This morning, as I whined about on Facebook, I woke up at 5:45. Why would I do that? Why? That’s torturous. I’m single. Why be single and off for the summer if I’m just going to get up at 5:45? Cause that’s earlier than I get up for work. I couldn’t go back to sleep. I’m going to try to take a nap in a minute, but I don’t have much expectations.

One of my lovely colleagues cheered me up a bit. Backstory: This year, we’re trying to make sure kids are motivated to read over the summer. We called in parents of a handful of students who made lots of gains this year and had the kids decorate bookbags. They painted their bags and we put books in them for the kids to read over the summer. We included a folder with a daily reading log (freebie at TPT) and some reading activities for the kids to respond to their books.

One of the moms posted this on my facebook:

Well, if it makes you feel better…[Kiddo] has gotten up every day to read for your reading camp! He even did one of his responses…ON HIS OWN…no prodding from me! He’s reading that super amoeba book right now!

 WOW! That’s like a summer break miracle! And it did make me feel a bit better. I pictured his little self getting up and reading his little books and recording his little stuff. How precious. The little people can rip our hearts out if we let them.

I’m already dreading taking down my mess. I mean, I left a M.E.S.S. in my classroom. My towers of terror reach almost to the ceiling. You could play a really scary game of Classroom Jenga if you wanted to.

What a wreck, huh? That’s called Laziness, with a capital L.

I started thinking about how to Cute my room up a little, and since I have a bee theme, I put together this bee themed classroom pack:

You can get it at TPT or Teacher’s Notebook!
I’m having a problem with the TPT thumbnail thingy and I’m too lazy to make my own, so I’ll have to re-attack that later.

And now, to lay around and hope I can sleep. I doubt it. I’m not a day sleeper.

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  1. Well if that note doesnt make you feel like a rockstar teacher, what could? I love the summer reading camp bags. What a coolio idea!

    As for the tower of terror, imfeel you pain!

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