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Four Myths About Instructional Coaching, Ep. 53 Buzzing with Ms. B: The Coaching Podcast

There are many misconceptions about instructional coaching. In this episode, I share four common myths and how to address them. I discuss why clearly explaining your role can help teachers get to know you better. Listen to learn why both new and experienced teachers benefit from having a coach. #roleofaninstructionalcoach # teachercoaches #teachingandcoaching

Have you heard any good coaching myths lately?

If you are like most instructional coaches, the answer is YES!
In this episode, I debunk four common coaching myths. You’ll learn why you need to be aware of these misconceptions and how to address them.
I share why you should not give all the answers, even if you are a problem solver like me. Listen to find out why both veteran and new teachers need support from a coach.
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Podcast produced by Fernie Ceniceros

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