Monday Made It: Birthday Balloons!

Finally, I’ve made something! And this one was oh-so-easy. 

These birthday balloons were on my summer bucket list! As soon as school let out, I purchased the cute little crazy straws because I knew I had to make these for my kiddos next year. And then, I became a literacy lead. Now I just have to find some kids to give them to! So I only made fourteen. Surely I can find fourteen kids with birthdays.
Want to grab them for free? Check them out at TPT and TeachersNotebook! And while you’re there, check out my 15% sale at TPT (last day today) and 15% at TN too! I know! What a day!!

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  1. Your "balloons" came out so cute, I can hardly wait to make some of my own! Thank you so much for the patterns!

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