Fraction Frenzy *Freebie

Fractions? Still?
I know.

We’re about to move on from fractions.

We’ve been in fractions overkill overtime.

I still have to finish up fractions on a number line and measuring to 1/4 and 1/2 inch.

Oh, we’ll be back. We’ll be back to compare them and make some equivalent fractions.

But not yet.

These are some of the activities we did this week to work with fractions.

Pizza Fractions
I didn’t have enough of the right colors of construction paper handy, so I had the kids color the pieces. (FYI, construction paper copies are obviously WAY faster and I really wish I’d had the construction paper lol). But they colored away for a while, and then we used the pizzas for my pizza fractions task cards. Kids had to use the toppings like manipulatives to build different fractions on the pizza.

Then they made their own fraction pizzas and identified the fraction for each topping. (2/8 mushroom, 1/8 peppers, 2/8 pepperioni, 2/8 olives, 1/8 onion)

Fractional Parts of Shapes using Pattern Blocks
At my guided reading table, I worked with groups of students to identify fractional parts of pattern blocks. Students had to use the pattern blocks to fill the shapes, and then identify the fraction of each one.

At the front of the room students used fraction pictures, names, and numbers from my Furry Friends Fractions Pack (on sale at TPT and Teacher’s Notebook) to play a matching game. 
In another part of the room (the nonfiction nook) students read Hershey’s Fraction Book and used the manipulatives below to build the various fractions.

Grab the manipulative pieces free at TPT.

Pick up the Pizza Fractions Craftivity Pack (includes craftivity pieces and instructions, 12 task cards, recording sheet, and bonus comparing fractions with like denominators sheet) at TPT or Teacher’s Notebook!

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  1. Thank you so much for all the wonderful fraction ideas! I look forward to buying your products! 🙂 Do you mind please sharing your fractional parts of pattern blocks worksheets? I would love to use these with my 3rd graders. trjones24@gmail.com

    Thank you!

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