Top Ten of Winter Break *Reader’s Theater Freebie!

I am sitting here feeling sad.


Maybe it’s the half-bottle of wine I’ve already had.

No, not really!

I mean, I really have had a lot of wine. But that doesn’t make me sad.

I do have one legitimate reason to feel sad.

Like all of you dedicated educators, I have to go back to work.

Some of you already did, you Xena Warrior Princesses.

You amaze me.

I am more of a slug than a warrior princess.

I have one day left.

One precious day.

I want to spend it being super-productive.

Taking down decorations, cleaning, making my lunches, planning.

I really don’t think this will happen. I will probably spend it doing less important things.

Stalking, eating, trying not to eat, listening to weird stuff on Netflix.

In honor of my last day (and maybe yours, too), I have decided to jump on the bandwagon and do my own Top Ten of Winter Break, inspired by Tunstall’s Teaching Tidbits.

10.  I don’t know what my hands feel like without them being curled around a keyboard. I’ve posted daily. Daily. And they’re looooooong ones, too. And I’ve updates sooooo many documents.

9. I actually read two books. Seriously, when do you have the time to polish off two books in a week and a half? I can name two times a year: Winter Break and Summer.

8. I have watched entire seasonS of these shows:

Arrested Development
How I Met Your Mother
The League
The Muppet Show

7. I’m starting to miss my kids. Some of them. What the what? Only every now and then, in very small increments. The occasional burst. Then it passes. It’s not been that long. I’d like to see them from afar, but not really up close.

6. I have worn the same pair of jeans every day for two weeks. I don’t know if my work pants even fit. I am seriously worried about this, after consuming approximately eight thousand calories a day in cookies, tamales, and assorted candy that start with the word Christmas, such as Christmas cookies, Snickers, Christmas Chocolate Covered Pretzels and Christmas Oreos. If you can start it with Christmas, it’s fair game.

5. My mother is really sick of me showing up and saying, “So what’s for lunch?” Especially because she’s been at work all week.

4. I actually know what it’s like to finish a cup of coffee before it turns cold.
I drink coffee to keep me from eating. Therefore, I have had an average of five cups of coffee a day and have yet to fall asleep before 1:30 am.

3. Remember how much coffee I’ve had? I’ve also had that much wine. You’d think that would help me sleep.


2. I think people from work think I died. They have yet to hear from me. I’ve burrowed.

1. I’m broke.

For years, I wrote Reader’s Theater scripts to use in my classroom. I decided to clean them up a bit and add them to my TPT store!

This is a two-pack of fairy tales that have been modified to integrate geometry content. The first, Goldilocks and the Three Angles integrates vocabulary about the three types of angles.

The second, Parallela and her Wicked Stepsisters, involves parallel, perpendicular, and intersecting lines, as well as the word “Symmetry” and “Reflection.” Check them out!

Happy Last Day!


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  1. I have thought about writing my own readers' theaters… my class is too small to do normal whole-class readers' theaters, and since I have first and second grades, I can never find anything that everyone can read … or if everyone can read it, the higher second graders are falling asleep of boredom!! Maybe over the summer I will take on that task. 🙂

    Good luck tomorrow!!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  2. Your post made me laugh! I too, feel that my fingers know no other shape other than curled! I go back tomorrow ugh!!!! I need to get to sleeping, but am so used to sleeping in I can't get tired! Tomorrow I'm going to regret it. Love the punctuation unit 🙂
    Twins, Teaching and Tacos.

  3. I've finished two books as well- I can't even remember the last time I've gotten through books like this! Enjoy your last day off, it's mine too. I'll try to be productive but who knows what'll happen! ; )


  4. You are absolutely HILARIOUS!!!! Your top ten is So good. I am a little more than thrilled to have found you…Thanks so much for making a top ten! I hope you always will in the future as yours is SURE to make everyone laugh and commiserate even more!!!

  5. Hi Chrissy! I know you've already been nominated, but I couldn't resist I nominating you again for the Liebster Blog Award! Thanks for a great blog! ☺

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