Place Value Picnic *Freebie!

One of the first units I always do in math is place value. If kids don’t have a good foundation in place value, all operations are pretty much impossible! So this year I put a lot of work into developing some fun activities, games, and stations for students to practice place value in fun ways. I was able to use my adorable KPM Doodles clipart to make it so undeniably adorable. (I love her.)

It’s fifty pages of cuter than cute picnic-themed place value stuff, through the hundred thousands place. Students build, write, name, find the values, and compare numbers. Pick it up at TPT or Teacher’s Notebook!

AND there’s a super sale running now at my TPT store, through tomorrow! 

I’m going to run this product as a giveaway from August 8 – August 10 on Teacher’s Notebook for their Back to School Bonanza! Check it out and be sure to enter on August 8th! Then check out my store until August 13 for a Back to School Sale!

And grab this two-page freebie at Teachers Pay Teachers, too! 

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  1. Hi Chrissy:

    You are ABSOLUTELY right! Every September, I have a number of sixth graders who start the year with a shaky place value foundation. If I cannot help them cement number sense and place value quickly, they will struggle all year long.

    Love the picnic theme–I'm off to check out this cute collection!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

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