It finally looks like a room.

Just a few quick pictures of things I got done today. 
Ok, so thank you for all the suggestions on what to do about the border! In the end, I cut some snippets from each corner and covered them with these flowers from a notepad. Then I stuck all the pieces together to fill the gap. 

I put white paper and border around the top skinny bulletin board. I also added up our little signs: Bee a Writer, Our Library, and Bee a Reader!
 Still need to label my library. 

 Put up the paper and border across the top of the front boards. I wish I had done yellow instead of white. I had planned on using a different border and then I ran out! So I had to change it up but I was far too lazy to take all the white down and put up yellow. I’d rather have it bother me for the next ten months. The boxes aren’t mine- they are waiting for a new teacher to come look through them and take them away πŸ™‚

Brought in the fridge! Yay! I may cover it with contact paper – it’s an older model. As in it’s been in my mother’s garage for twenty years.

I have a few things to do – print out my letters for the word wall, my word wall sign, my library basket labels, and lists of books available for teachers to check out. Some of these things are from my Bee Themed Classroom Set at TPT and Teacher’s Notebook. 
I’d also like to cover my AV cart, because it’s pretty beat up. But right now, it’s still loaded up with materials for the math room. I haven’t been able to get over there because the custodians have been waxing the floors. Not too much left πŸ™‚ super happy.

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