Second Full Day: More Progress!

It’s starting to look like a room now. I spent several hours making crucial choices about which books to keep in my mini-library and which to box up and put in the garage in case I’m back in the classroom someday. (I seem to think that will happen.)
When that was finally done (sorted, not labeled), I put up my bulletin boards. Some of them. I still have the skinny little strips on top, because I’m indecisive. I can put construction paper on them and then border around, but I’m also getting pretty tired of standing on a stepladder. So I may just do border around and pretend that the bulletin-board center was intentional.
Then it was the hunt and peck method for several hours. 
1. Wander over here. 
2. Pick up a paperclip. 
3. Try to remember where I’m keeping paperclips now. 
4.Walk over to opposite part of room. 
5. Place paperclip carefully in designated container.
6. Pick up rubber band. 
7. Repeat.
After that, I realized I needed a better system to organize junk in my closet. So I spent a few hours dumping, sorting, and re-shoving. 
When I’d re-shoved as much as I can possibly fit in a closet also holding random GT materials that I pray I’ll never have to use (sorry – I’m not super crazy about building bridges made of straws), I hunted and pecked a little more and straightened up. This meant I sorted through stacks of weird papers and dumped 98% into the recycle bin.
Here’s some pictures, because I know that’s what I want to see on your blogs! Remember, I’m a literacy lead this year (ack!) so my setup is a little different!

Guided Reading area (my favorite). I’ll be able to work with small groups of RtI kids and 
model for teachers, too.

Mini classroom library. The word wall will be on the right board and I’m not sure what will
be on the left board.

Checkout for novels against the wall and professional development books across the bottom shelves.

Checkout for picture books! And a side view of the guided reading space.

From the yellow bulletin board that has missing border across the top. *waaaah*
Front of the room. Obviously, the coatrack and cart full of math materials will not be 
randomly hanging out in the middle of the space.
That’s the wall opposite the door. Do you notice something about the border around the top? Well, I was humming right along, staple-staple-stapling a happy little bee border around the edges of the board (because I have no idea what is supposed to go on here) and I got down to one last chunk. I reached down for another piece of border. There was none.
I have about eight inches left to fill and no border! What do I do?!
Cause buying a whole pack for eight inches, with the amount I already spent on fabric, is not an option. Unfortunately.

My sink. Supplies for teacher meetings will go in the green tubs (four tubs=four tables for teachers to sit at) and on the little yellow-covered table to the right will be a printer. 
PLUS! This year I get a fridge! YEAH!! YEAH!! Yogurt for breakfast!! Diet Dr. Pepper in the afternoon! YEAH!!

I’m very excited about this. My friend recommended this book to me: Becoming a Literacy Leader and I ordered it yesterday from Amazon – only 7.50 for a used copy- and it’s supposed to arrive on Monday! She said it’s full of good ideas to use space in a literacy leader’s classroom (when you actually have a classroom! I thought I’d have a closet, but I’m lucky). So I can’t wait to get it and read what neat stuff I need to do.

Check it out at Amazon.
Now I’m going to sit around and nurse my sciatic nerve.
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  1. Your room is huge! Looks great, too.

    How about using one of the strips of border from the bottom (where it is covered with the tubs in front) and just vow never to move that tub? I am with you on not buying another package for several inches.

  2. I would put a big cutout of a sun. Or a bee, if you're doing the bee theme. Something big that masks the space and makes it look like you meant it to be there. If the top doesn't work for you, put the space somewhere else…I'm sure you'll think of something!

  3. Love your bees!! I know your pain. I ran out of my boarder today. The School Store didn't carry it anymore either. I have another store to try this weekend and if not I guess I'll have to choose something else. I need a few pieces so I might have to change it:(

    I'm having a giveaway! I'd love for you to enter:)
    The Busy Busy Hive

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