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Using Google Apps for Distance Learning: Bonus episode: The Coaching Podcast

In this crazy mixed up world we are living in, how can we create as much normalcy for our students?
While we can’t make everything “the way it was” there are ways to continue to provide excellent education with feedback using online tools. 
Ben Beltran, my brother, is a teacher with five years of experience, and a baseball and football coach extraordinaire is here to talk to us about what Google can do for you during this time of uncertainty. 
With our classroom sitting empty, it’s hard to know the best way to reach our students. One of the best ways to help your students continue to learn while giving them all that great feedback is through Google Apps.
I know what you’re thinking, there are so many out there, how do I know which one to use? 
The good news is you can use them all for different purposes while keeping everything organized and working ahead for next year!
Google Apps like Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides all have similar features of the Office products we are all familiar with. The biggest difference is how you can use them to collaborate and share information with students and teachers. Find out all the great benefits of these apps by tuning into the full Bonus Episode of Buzzing with Ms. B.

While we all might be familiar with the above Google Apps, there’s one Google App that is really the start of the show: Google Forms. In Google Forms you can create  virtual test, make a choose your own adventure assignment, and so much more! My brother Ben has some great ways to use this fantastic app in your classroom so tune in to find out what you can do to make your virtual classroom rock.

Speaking of virtual classrooms, where should you put all of these amazing resources that you’re creating? Right onto your Google Classroom. A Google Classroom is a virtual classroom that allows you to collaborate with teachers, coaches, administrators, and your students. Together you are your co-workers can create dynamic lessons for your students to get lost in, but you’ll have to listen to the Bonus Episode of Buzzing with Ms. B The Coaching Podcast to find out exactly how! You’ll even find ways to boost the morale of your teachers using this amazing resource!

We have all been thrown into a troubling time. We don’t know when we will see the inside of the classroom or our students and that can make us feel lonely and lost. However, together with the help of Google we can make learning and collaborating feel almost like normal which is the best we can do for now. Happy Coaching! 

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