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Navigating a School Through Change with The Modern Principal, Ep. 61 Buzzing with Ms. B: The Coaching Podcast

The last two school years have been more than challenging; they've been downright exhausting. Christy Lamb and Karen Hile of the Modern Principal join me to discuss how instructional coaches can support schools as they navigate challenging times. These principals share strategies for making lasting changes in an educational setting and how to avoid toxic positivity. Listen for insights into how instructional coaches can help teachers deal with change.

Every school year has challenges, but the last two years have had more than most.

Schools have faced many changes in a short amount of time.

I’m joined on the podcast by Christy Lamb and Karen Hile of The Modern Principal.  We discuss ways instructional coaches can support schools as they navigate change.

They tell us about the challenges they face as administrators and why change is difficult to implement on campuses. We talk about honest communication and how coaches can be a bridge between teachers and administrators.

These principals share their strategies for supporting teachers who are struggling with change. They offer advice for implementing long-lasting changes and why you should avoid the trap of toxic positivity.

Tune in to hear why instructional coaches must know their role and advocate to stay in that role. This episode has plenty of tips to help you coach your teachers during changing times.

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