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Breaking a Negative Coaching Pattern, Ep. 101 Buzzing with Ms. B: The Coaching Podcast

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If you’re a coach, you know that relationships are key. But what do you do if you fall into a negative coaching pattern with a teacher? 

In this episode of The Coaching Podcast, I talk about breaking a negative coaching pattern. You’ll learn how to recognize negative coaching patterns, get ideas for breaking them, and discover the questions you can ask teachers to help make your coaching conversations more effective.

I share my coaching mistakes and the things that helped me move beyond negative coaching patterns. Listen to learn my biggest tip for breaking a negative coaching pattern and how it changes relationships with teachers.

Topics and Questions Discussed in Episode 101 – Breaking a Negative Coaching Pattern

  • My definition of a coaching pattern and how to recognize a negative one
  • Why coaches need to reflect on how they contribute to any negative coaching patterns
  • How changing our responses changes the pattern and creates different outcomes
  • Why being curious and asking questions is the best way to change a negative coaching relationship
  • The problem with making assumptions and being defensive
  • Examples of negative patterns I had with teachers and how I changed them
  • What to do when teachers complain or say, “That won’t work with my students”
  • The question I ask teachers that changed everything
  • Tips for shifting the dialogue from “you should do this”, to “let’s understand and fix the problem together”
  • Why modeling is crucial for teachers and students

This episode is part of my podcast series on reflecting and looking back. All month, we’ll be reflecting on our coaching work this year. Be sure to check out all of May’s episodes as they come out.

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