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Anti-Racist Behavior Management with Dr. Deonna Smith, Ep. 127 Buzzing with Ms. B: The Coaching Podcast

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I know these last couple of school years have been really hard for everyone. Two years of instability and trauma have impacted students, parents, teachers, and the school system overall.

Instructional Coaches are often asked to focus on the instructional side of the work, but we all know that if classroom management isn’t in place, nothing else is going to happen in that classroom. This month, I’m releasing a series of podcast episodes around behavior management because I’ve gotten so many questions about it recently.

In episode 127 of The Coaching Podcast, I talk with Dr. Deonna Smith about anti-racist behavior management and making classrooms more inclusive for everyone. Dr. Smith is a school administrator who also works with teachers across the country to help them start, sustain, and scale their equity work.

During the show, she talks about the historic and systemic problems with schools and behavior management, bridging the gap between teachers and students, and creating a positive classroom community for all. We also talk about why cultural awareness matters, ways to make culture visible in the classroom, and so much more.

Listen to the entire episode to learn more about anti-racist behavior management and how you can help educators break harmful biased practices.

Topics and Questions Discussed in Episode 127 – Anti-Racist Behavior Management with Dr. Deonna Smith

  • Historical and systemic problems with schools and behavior management
  • Understanding systemic racism and helping educators break down harmful practices
  • Why cultural awareness matters
  • Developing cultural understanding to bridge the gap between teachers and students
  • Making culture visible in the classroom and creating a positive environment for all
  • How anti-racist behavior management differs from the way that people often approach management in the classroom
  • Being proactive and setting expectations at the beginning of the year rather than responding to behavior later on
  • Creating a classroom community of care and accountability that supports behavior in a positive way
  • How the last two years have affected children’s behavior and what you can do to help students
  • Staying positive when things get tough by focusing on small changes
  • Finding your people so you don’t have to go it alone
  • The impact of culture and family on school experience and family participation
  • Ways schools can build bridges and include families in the school community
  • Designing instructional time to help students regulate their emotions and feel secure
  • Using meeting circles to build a classroom community where all students are included and feel valued

Ready to listen? You can listen below with the media player, or search for Buzzing with MS. B: The Coaching Podcast anywhere you listen to podcasts!

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