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Engagement & Classroom Community as Behavior Supports with Caitie Cupples, Ep. 128 Buzzing with Ms. B: The Coaching Podcast

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Hey coaches!

This month on The Coaching Podcast we’re talking all about how coaches can support teachers by growing their behavior management practices. Last week, we talked about anti-racist behavior management with Dr. Deonna Smith.

This week I’m chatting with Caitie of Caitie Cupples Teaching about engagement & classroom community as behavior supports. Caitie is a former teacher turned instructional coach. She offers online resources to support teachers with building classroom community, social-emotional learning, positive behavior strategies, and more.
During the interview, we chat about developing relationships with students, building a positive classroom community, and proactively teaching problem-solving skills. Caitie also shares ways to involve families, add more social-emotional learning into the curriculum, and help students learn self-regulation. We discuss how behavior management supports academic learning and the importance of being proactive instead of reactive when it comes to addressing student behavior.
If you want to learn more about how you can support teachers with engagement & classroom community as behavior supports, be sure to listen to the entire episode.

Topics and Questions Discussed in Episode 128 – Engagement & Classroom Community as Behavior Supports with Caitie Cupples

  • Building a classroom community by developing relationships and keeping students engaged
  • Fostering four key relationships – teacher to student, teacher to family, student to student, student to self
  • How behavior skills support academics
  • Ideas for building relationships at the beginning of the year and sustaining them throughout the school year
  • Use modeling, role-playing, read-alouds, and classroom agreements to encourage teamwork in the classroom
  • Developing school and classroom cultures that support social and emotional learning
  • Helping teachers become aware of how their personality, behavior, and interactions impact classroom communities
  • Challenges involved in coaching teachers on behavior supports
  • The importance of district/school-wide policies and professional development for shifting mindset and culture
  • Four ways schools can build bridges with families and develop productive relationships with them
  • Ideas for communicating with families and developing positive connections
  • Planning for engagement
  • Teaching students problem-solving strategies
  • Being proactive and preventing behavior problems
  • Strategies for supporting student behavior and preventing misbehavior during transitions and other unstructured times
  • How to respond to significant behavior in a way that’s constructive, respectful, and doesn’t damage students’ self-worth, relationships with each other, or with the teacher
  • Reflecting on routines, procedures, and other behavior supports during the school year
  • Using the 2 X 10 relationship-building strategy to develop connections with a student or small group of students
  • Integrating social-emotional learning into the curriculum and building peer relationships
  • Using video, modeling, co-teaching, and co-planning to improve teacher practice
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