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Developing a Coaching Mindset with Joellen Killion, Ep. 50 Buzzing with Ms. B: The Coaching Podcast

Is your mindset holding you back from achieving success with those you coach? Joellen Killion joins me on the podcast to discuss how to develop a coaching mindset. She shares how to use self-awareness to impact your coaching practice. Listen in to learn about the three mental models and how they influence your relationships with teachers. #coachingmindset #teachermindset #coachingteachers

Mindset is an area that we have to work on continuously. Little things pop up that get in the way of effective coaching and building relationships.

Joellen Killion joins me to talk about developing a coaching mindset that can change your work from transactional to transformative. We discuss understanding your motivation and how you can use it to be more purposeful in your interactions with teachers.
She explains why it’s important for coaches to spend time understanding their own identity, learning styles, and preferences. Tune in to hear why coaches need a coach too.
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