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Why & how to build content knowledge & a common language: Ep 13 of the Coaching Podcast

Have you ever sat in a PLC with your teachers, trying to discuss best practices or strategies, and realized, “We’re not speaking the same language”?

Coaching is difficult for a variety of reasons, but it becomes more difficult when you and your teachers can’t communicate because you don’t have the same content knowledge or a common language.

To get over this hurdle, I have six great tips in Episode 13 of Buzzing with Ms. B.

#1 Get into those classrooms

Whenever you want a teacher to know how to do something, you can make it happen by showing them. It’s not easy to take something someone says to you and just throw it into your classroom.

However, if a teacher sees you teaching a strategy in their classroom, they are more likely to understand what you’re trying to convey.

I found this to be really useful when working with a teacher who was struggling with their students understanding context clues. Find out how I helped her over this hurdle by tuning into the full episode!

#2 Use your teachers as models
Another way to help create a common content knowledge and language is to utilize your teachers! When you have a teacher who is phenomenal with a certain strategy in a certain content area, use those teachers to your advantage!

Sometimes teachers are more receptive to learning from someone who is in the classroom full time instead of a coach. Finding a great teacher who is willing to help you out can make a huge difference with you and your teachers!

#3 Pass the Paper
If you’re struggling with common language and content knowledge, a great what to assess where you’re at is with pass the paper which is another great tip !

With this exercise, you start with teachers in small groups. If you have four to a table, you write four different concepts on top of each piece of paper and set a timer. Each teacher starts out with one of the pieces of paper. While the timer is ticking, have your teachers write everything they know about that topic. When the timer goes off, pass the paper around. Once everyone has seen each piece of paper, you can have a meaningful conversation about the topics.

These are just three of the tips I share to help you build common language and content knowledge, but there are three more that you have to hear to believe including my favorite: 10-Minute Content Builder. Tune into Episode 13 of Buzzing with Ms. B The Coaching Podcast to hear about all of these tips and how they can work for you! Happy Coaching!

Build common language and content knowledge with your teachers wwith Buzzing with Ms. B: The Coaching Podcast Episode 13. Happy coaching!

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