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How Aligning Instructional Strategies Can Support Your Coaching Work: Ep. 14 of The Coaching Podcast

Some teachers hear the word "alignment" and cringe. They worry that they'll lose their individuality or that everyone will have to be "on the same page", literally. But there are some effective ways to align instruction that don't involve synchronized page-turning. In this episode, I share the reason and method for aligning instructional strategies! Instructional coaches who listen in will learn how to follow a process for aligning instructional strategies to maximize teacher effectiveness and your collaborative planning, too!Have you ever asked a teacher for an idea on how to teach something and been met with crickets? Sometimes they’ll say, “Well, I’ll ask if anyone knows what it means and then I’ll tell them what it is and we’ll do the handout.”
Why does that happen?! Well, it could be that they don’t know any instructional strategies. If this is true in your school, every time you try to plan collaboratively with teachers, you’re going to be spending all of your PLC time teaching strategies, and you’ll have no time to build content together.
So, how can you teach your teachers strategies without spinning your wheels? It’s easier than you think, and I spell it out in episode 14 of The Coaching Podcast.

To start, you want to choose your top five high impact strategies. These strategies need to be engaging, purposeful, and some should be hands-on. The purpose of strategies is to give the students a tool to help them learn better across the content and grade levels. Therefore, by teaching strategies to teachers, you are helping to foster better learning in the classroom. If you don’t know which five strategies to work on, listen to all of Episode 14 to hear my top 5!

In order to start teaching strategies to your teachers, you want to first plug them into your coaching calendar. Decide what you are going to focus on with who and when! This will help you plan out your year to be as effective as possible. In the episode, I share a few different ways to get your strategies into teachers’ toolboxes.

Once teachers are rolling, you want to give credit where credit is due. There are so many ways you can do this from teacher features, sharing in PLCs, and more! Learn more about giving your teachers a well-deserved pat on the back by turning into Episode 14 of Buzzing with Ms. B The Coaching Podcast!

If you’re ready to work with your teachers to learn different strategies they can use to be more successful throughout the year, these methods will definitely help. Remember to tune in to Episode 14 of Buzzing with Ms. B The Coaching Podcast for the full details. Happy coaching!
Ready for the how-to?

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