Messy Big Books? Get Organized!

Is your big book library a wreck? Join the club. Our big book library was a heap of books in bags, books out of bags, little books mixed in with big books and more. If you’re looking to organize and store your big books neatly, look no further!

At the end of last school year, my buddy (the dyslexia teacher) and I decided it was time to revamp our awful bookroom. The big books and their paired little books were in a complete shambles. Stuff was thrown and tossed and stacked all over the shelves! And the shelves are a putrid shade of hospital pink. You know, like that little pitcher and tub they give you in the hospital? That’s barf.

We didn’t do anything about the shelves, but the rest of the room looks pretty great!


This picture is not exactly “before”. It’s actually kind of during, but I forgot to take a before picture and this is the first one I have. Just imagine that it’s about seven times worse than this.
We started out by taking out all of the big books from their variety of assorted bags and bins, completely covered in dust, and sorting them by language (English/Spanish) and then alphabetizing them. 
Then we did the same to the little books, grouping them by title and putting them into book boxes. After we had them all sorted, we put each set into a gallon-sized plastic bag. 

And this is what it looked like when it was almost done!

For the big books, we used big plastic storage tubs from Wal-Mart. 
We labeled each with the contents of the tub. 

Over the tubs, on the shelves, we placed the book boxes full of the sets of books that matched the big books below. 

We color-coded our labels: blue for English and green for Spanish.

It’s so much easier to find the big books now! And definitely a lot less dusty! 

Get the labels for the big bins and the little book boxes here at Google Drive!


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