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What We Love Link-Up with Primary Powers


Is there anything better in the world than a link-up? When I’m drooling and I can’t think of any of the 100,000 different things I’ve done in the classroom to write about, I’m like, “Oh, good. They’ll just tell me what to do.” and then I do that. This is a Classroom Loves link-up hosted about Primary Powers- we’re writing about what I, they, we love.  

So, when I was writing this post, I was like, “Oh! I know what I love! I love wine!” and then I realized that wasn’t really appropriate. So then I thought, “Oooh, summers off!” But that’s not really what this is about. Coffee in the lounge? When they bring me chocolate on Valentine’s Day? 
Apparently, I am a very simple person with simple pleasures.
Anyway, I finally settled on something appropriate-ish, I think. I LOVE office supplies! Post-its, pens (preferably felt-tip), a special notebook to write in and white tape for mistakes. For Christmas, my sister-in-law gave me a big box full of supplies she bought at an Office Depot going out of business sale. Be still, my heart.
These are my favorite things and they make me happy, when I’m not allowed to drink wine…which is really just when I’m at work.

My students have always loved sorts. Whether they’re in reading, math, science, or whatever, they love picking up little cards and figuring out where they go. 
 This sort required students to sort characteristics, examples, and questions into different genres.
They get such a sense of accomplishment from figuring out which categories everything goes in and having everything “in the right place”. They love to talk to their partners and disagree and make decisions. Because of this, even though sorts require a little preparation, it’s something I like to integrate whenever possible.
This one was easy. We. Love. Harry. Potter. My Harry Potter Book Club meets once a week, after school on Wednesdays for an hour. 
 Making bookmarks with another thing they love: glitter paint.
We read, take online quizzes to get sorted into houses, make charts and graphic organizers and crafts. We laugh at Dudley, are very impressed by McGonnegal, and are very nervous for Ron. The kids who come to the club are so much fun and I love to plan special activities for them!

Chocolate frog boxes!

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