More about me?!

Is it even possible for you to know more about me? I’m not exactly a closed book. I tend to overshare. With a capital O. 

But when I say Mrs. Lemons was having a Tell Me More linky party, I had to link up. I never turn down a chance to share more tales out of school.

1. I have a weird thing for copies of this book.

I don’t know why. I stole the first one. It was an accident. Or actually, not, but sort of. Let me explain: I had to read this book in the 8th grade for English class. My teacher’s name was Mrs. Elliot. Except everyone called her Mad Dog Elliot because she was pretty ferocious. She even called herself Mad Dog Elliot. Scary.
I read part of the book, and then I ran out of time. My mother, in her wisdom, told me to read the first paragraph of each remaining chapter. Nope. Not good advice.
I bombed the test (not like me at all) and then I kept the book because I was too ashamed to return it to her. So I still have it. Sorry, Mrs. Elliot. If it makes you feel better, I inadvertently ‘donate’ dozens of books to my kids’ personal libraries at home when they don’t return them either. Plus that copy was falling apart.

2. I’ve gotten migraines since I was in the seventh grade, but I think I grew out of them! It’s been a while since I had one, so I’m going to hope I’m done with them. yay.

3. I have three rotten brothers: John, Ben, and Mat. They call me second-string mom because when my mom’s unavailable, they call me. That was a lot of work growing up. I attended practices, parent-teacher conferences, participated in fund raisers, and made lots of dinners. It was good training and it made us very close.

My dad, my mom, John, sis-in-law Stephanie, me, Ben, and Matt.
4. I want kids. But I’m 31. And we’re not married yet.
The countdown has begun and I want some little smushy baby boos of my own. In order to accomplish this, I am doing the only thing I know how. Nagging. It sounds like this.
“Hunny, you know that after 35, you’re considered a high-risk pregnancy, no matter what.”
“Hunny, don’t you want your own little baby bun?”
“Hunny, I love you so much. I want a little Fernie just like you.”
But we have to get married first. And although I was present for a lovely proposal on the cruise ship, I was not the one being proposed to. So I’m waiting for a ring, and then for a wedding, and then I’ll share pictures of my cute little mini me. Or mini Fernie. Or whatever it ends up being.
5. I get seasick, carsick, and sometimes, if my eyes move too fast, I make myself nauseous.
6. I have some weird quirk where if I see a bright light out of the corner of my right eye, I have to turn my head to see it on the other side too. Which makes me look a little like some sort of bird sometimes.
7. I’m a sucker for four-legged buddies. I’ve inherited all of my animals – not one of them did I go looking for. And now I have two cats and…wait for it… THREE dogs! I know! My newest little buddy is Steve, and he’s a hand-me-down from my mom. Her dogs were not being nice to him, and my dogs are very nice, so he’s happier here. And he’s such a sweet, scruffy little guy.
I gave him a bath and I brushed him, and still he looks like a ragamuffin I found on the street. He’s pretty cute.
8. I attended my A.C.T.S. retreat last year in April. It moved me and helped me share with others in a way that I never have before. It was a beautiful experience and grew my soul tremendously. On rough days, I imagine myself back in the meeting room, quiet and cool and very content. It helped me be thankful for what I have and to appreciate people in a whole new way. 
I am Catholic, but the retreat is non-denominational. It includes a few Catholic components, but the retreat was attended by many people who weren’t Catholic and they were accommodated. I recommend it to everyone who would like to grow their soul.

8. I am leaving my school of nine years to be a literacy lead at another school and it’s so hard and sad and exciting at the same time. I am going to miss the people there more than I can say, especially my buddy who I’ve taught with for nine years.

I met some of my closest friends at my school.

Lisa and I in Atlanta at Aunt Pittypat’s Porch for an IRA convention several years ago. 

But I have to have faith that I am going where I’m supposed to go, and that God will provide me with the tools I need to help. 

So that’s me. In case you wondered. Go link up yourself and overshare!

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