Five For Friday Linky Party

Five for Friday! Finally linking up with this fun linky party from DoodleBugsTeaching!

This week stunk because of STAAR testing. I promise not to bore you with any more of that, though. If you’re in Texas, you’re bored enough.

1. Finally put up my reading pledge board from our Camp Read-a-Lot Literacy Night! You can read about it here!

2. This is (part of) my family on Easter. My brother Matt is on the left, Mom in the middle, and John on the right. As you can see, as soon as the camera goes up, they cover their faces. I took eight pictures at different times. All of them look like this – paper plate face.
We call John the Yeti, as he is elusive, yet intrusive. 

3. Fabric hunting with my sister-in-law this week. We took this picture to remember the price of a solid color broadcloth. I’m wondering if it’s cheaper to make my own table runners than rent them!

4. Planned with third grade on Thursday for our reading blitz review before the STAAR test! They’re doing half a day of reading and this is how they’re breaking up their time. This is version two of our chart – the first ended up with pink marker barfed all over it due to revisions!

5. Last, but not least, my cat. The Professor is completely inappropriate. It’s a good thing I got him fixed, or this picture would be rated R! He has no shame.

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  1. Serena, school starts at 7:45 for us! We have to be there by 7:30 and the kids have breakfast in the classroom until 7:45. But school ends at 2:45 and then tutoring goes till 3:30.

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