summer summer summer: and a mini giveaway!

Yes, you read the title right – this post is about summer, and I have a LOT to say. But you can also enter to win my latest product! So humor me, read my summer post, and then comment with your favorite thing you’ve done this summer and your email address, and I’ll choose a magical random winner later this week!
So I’m right up there in summer. I know because my butt is wearing a comfortable groove in the couch again. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been doing tons of stuff. My mother makes me wake up early three days a week 
yes, three days a week of my summer
to go to the gym with her. And although it’s starting to grow on me, the gym is still one of the worst places in the world. It’s only one step up from Best Buy, and that’s just because there’s actually something to do at the gym. Of course, by “something”  I mean excruciating, soul-sucking machines that force you to repeat awkward motions in three sets of fifteen. You do all of this so that, three weeks later, you can read the scale and see that you’ve gained four pounds. Yay gym.
This morning, after doing my time in the second-most-horrible-place in the world, I headed over to the pool. It’s a neighborhood pool that you have to buy a membership to belong to, Once you’ve paid, they give you a key, and it’s a swim-at-your-own-risk sort of thing. So today, after the gym, i decided to head over to the pool. I took out my key, unlocked the gate, and walked inside… and saw…

that I was ALL BY MYSELF! 
Yes! I had the WHOLE pool to MYSELF! 
I immediately commenced to doing my favorite things:
sinking all the way to the bottom
 floating around the pool with my eyes closed like a dead person
laying on a towel and reading Game of Thrones
I did these things for two hours, all by myself, and then I headed home. Home is about a 45-second drive from the pool, so yay.
Since then, I’ve been watching Wilfred (almost a complete season today) and working on my latest product: Super Hero Classroom Decor Set. 
That pretty much sums up the last few days, really. I sit around and work on stuff. Occasionally, I get a hankerin for somethin tasty and I eat huge bowls of cantaloupe or Greek yogurt with peanut butter in it. And honey. Lots and lots of honey. It helps me pretend it’s ice cream, which I clearly cannot have because I gained four pounds by going to the gym. I consume cup after cup of coffee to keep me from eating something far more delicious – a frozen yogurt place opened up five minutes down the street. Cruel. It’s probably for the best that we’re broke.

This is what my cat looks like when I am watching TV.

So I sit and watch the cat and then I sit and watch Wilfred. When I get sick of Wilfred’s sick humor, I bust out the big guns: I Love Lucy. And sometimes, I just get tired of the scenery, you know? That’s when I move from the couch…to the loveseat. It’s like a whole different view over there.
When my husband comes home, I pepper him with questions about the world: So what happened at work today? What did you have for lunch? What should we have for dinner? The poor man.
So anyway, if you’re looking for something to do as you’re repositioning from the couch to the loveseat, check out my new product: Super Hero Themed Classroom Decor Set! I’m so excited about it….almost enough to change my own theme from bees…..but not quite 🙂 And if you’d like to win it, leave me a comment about your favorite thing you’ve done this summer and your email address! I’ll choose a random winner this week!
Happy Summer!

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  1. My summer officially started Monday after having summer training right after students were released on June 12. My favorite thing that I've done is cuddle up on the couch with my 7 month old. Well more like mommy cuddles and then watches him climb down, crawl away and start to pull up on things. 🙂 This is an awesome pack! Would love to win! mrsruffin924@gmail.com

  2. I'm going to be honest here: my favorite thing about summer so far has been sleeping in!

    I laughed out loud at your fun pool times. I'm jealous! Thanks for hosting a giveaway!
    Fourth Grade Lemonade

  3. My summer officially started with me in the bed for the WHOLE day, last Friday! That's what working 4 10 hour days does to this old body! LOL Anyway, I'm preparing to head to OHIO to see my parents, drop the grandson, my child, off with them for a month, come back with the step son, who is coming with so that I do not have to drive back alone (AWWW), not really all that… LOL

    Then, going to try to create some things for TpT!

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