Best Blog Buddy Ever Award

Ok, so I got a “Feel better with alcohol” package in the mail today from the best blog buddy EVER!

Natalie Lemacks of Teachery Tidbits,


After work today, I trudged up the sidewalk carrying my bazillion teacher bags. As I took my key out of my purse, I saw, sitting next to my door, a box! A box addressed to me! A box addressed to me from Natalie!

I opened the box, and a bright light shone forth, blinding me momentarily.

This was what was in the box.

Pineapple wine and some tasty sweet things from Okinawa. WOW! That’s the longest trip anything I’ve eaten has ever taken! I chilled the wine for a while, and when it was cold, I popped it open and tried it.
You know how some wine bottles say “refreshing hints of apple” and they taste nothing like apple? This wasn’t like that. This pineapple wine tasted like someone had made a tasty alcoholic beverage in a pineapple and shoved a straw in it. It was a tasty delicious sweet pinappley wine. I love it.
I’m gonna share one with my friend who used to live in Okinawa. I wonder if she’s ever tried it before.
I know this post is not school-y. I’m working on a post about the measurement stuff we’re doing in class along with a product so you can do stuff too! But today, my giant ringkie finger is super annoying and I’ve typed about as much as I can do – I just HAD to thank the best blog buddy ever. I actually started to put together a cute award, but my finger got in the way WAY too much! 
So it;’s back to watching Raising Hope. 

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