I’m a slow runner

I know I’m a slow runner cause I got tagged twice.

The first one who caught me was Simone at Busy as a Honey Bee.

This is what she wanted to know.
1. What sport – if any- did you play in high school? If you didn’t play a sport, why not?
Did I mention I’m a slow runner? Most sports require some sort of running.

I was in band. And I was THE band nerd. Like, my level of nerdliness what amazing. It’s in the record books at my high school under, “Nerdiest Flute Player of All Time”.

2. How many hours do you spend each day reading different blogs? What are your Top 5 blogs?
I try to keep it down to half an hour, but I could easily spend an hour or so. I am trying to learn limits.
I check lots of blogs frequently, so it’s hard to do a top 5. I tend to check out the ones who recently commented on my blog, because it makes sense to me to do that!

3. What has been your favorite blog post that you have written?
Oooo I don’t know. Maybe the one about the Pigphony. Odd but completely me.

4. If you are married, getting married, or dream of getting married, where did you take a honeymoon to? If you aren’t married where are you planning on going or where would you like to go?
I am not married, and am not technically getting married yet (cause no ring, no wedding) but we have already talked about it – let’s say it’s in the works. Coming soon to a family near you.
Anyway, we (mostly I) want to go overseas. I’ve been to London and Paris before, but my hunny hasn’t and I think he would love it. BUT I love to travel and so does he, so we’re up for pretty much anywhere pretty (I need pretty).

5. What does your hubby/boyfriend/significant other think of your blog and do they read it on a regular basis? Or is your blog your domain alone?
We-ell…. he does read it, but not on a regular basis. He’ll read it, like, once a week or every two weeks. And then he’ll only read the personal stuff and scan through the teachery stuff, which I would do, too, if he wrote a blog about photography – I’d scan for stuff with his personality and blow off the technical.
I know how often he reads it because he’ll comment on it. “So, I read your post about Channing Tatum today,” or “Yes, you did ruin the symphony for me.”

6. What is your favorite beauty product that you use on a daily basis?
I’m so not a girl. I wish I knew more about that stuff. I use shampoo & conditioner, some sort of cleansing product (clearance rack), some sort of mascara (clearance rack), and some sort of eyeshadow (clearance rack). I’m not loyal to any product and don’t wear too much stuff, so I’m not good at answering beauty questions.

7. What was the last thing you bought at Target!!!???
Well, my cart had several items in it the other day.
A gift for my best friend’s baby. If you open the little flap on the submarine, you can see the Beatles inside. I don’t know if she’ll liek it much, but I think it’s adorable!!

A leash for Lucy with a choker chain (she’s too strong for me to walk!)

And this, my old stand-by. THE BIG ONE.

8. Do you sing in the car? In the shower?
Not the shower, but I sing AMAZINGLY in the car. And only in the car. I think it’s because I turn the volume up so loudly that there’s no way to actually hear myself, so I think I’m really talented.
9. Sunrise or sunset?
Is it just me, or are you hearing Fiddler on the Roof? 
Sunset. For sure. If the sun’s barely waking up, I should be in bed. But I LOVE sunset because the light comes through my front window and turns my living room walls a gold-ish color. And it’s cooler.
10. What is your favorite meal to cook for yourself and others?
Well, I try not to eat too many carbs (lol, please don’t think me too hypocritical after you finish reading this post) but people have appreciated my lasagne. And I make a mean salad. I don’t really care what I make for myself. I’m lazy when it’s just for me. Eggs & bacon, any old things are good enough for just me.
11. What inspires you each day?
The Test.
HAHAHAHAHA! I think that’s what politicians think, though, don’t you? That they’re helping motivate us!?! HAHAHAHAHAHA
I think knowing that these little people are people and they are somebody’s children. They have little hearts and need love and education. They will someday grow up and need to take care of themselves and try to fulfill their dreams, and without an education, they’re helpless. They need us in a way that no one else can give them: every day, we go to work to try to help them open doors for someday.
What is your favorite dessert?
Anything with sugar. 
But there used to be this amazing apple caramel thing at Carino’s. Oh my god, it’s a good thing they took it off the menu. I love anything chocolate, peanut butter, cookie, candy, ice cream, cake, pie, and fruit. It stinks, being so easy to please.

Then, I slowed down to catch my breath and got caught again!
This time it was Second Grade Silliness.

1. Cash or credit?
I haven’t carried cash in years. I’m not good at it. I never know how much I have or in what pocket. So I just use debit. It’s like cash only easier.

2. Math/Science or Reading/Writing?
Even though I post about math all the darn time I really love to teach reading and writing. Although I feel like math is easier – there’s a specificity to it, whereas reading and writing feel so open-ended.

3. Real book or e-reader?
I prefer real books but I do have an ipad on which I read some things.

4. Dog or cat?
Have I mentioned I’m a sucker for animals?
Big time.
I just keep ending up with these pets that other people don’t want. Poor babies.
So I currently have two dogs and two cats (Dogs: Lucy and Penny. Cats: Jeannie and the Professor) and I love them equally, depending on my mood. Dogs are nice if you want to be outside and cats are nice if you want to be inside.

Lucy the Border Collie. She’s
remarkably sweet and smart.

Penny the Dachsund

Jeannie.  She’s a weenie. And that rhymes.
This is the only picture I’ve ever taken of the Professor where he
doesn’t look like a furry black blob with eyes.

5. Chocolate or vanilla?
Oh, definitely chocolate. Why eat something bland? Not that I won’t eat sugar that’s bland – oh, I will – but if I have a choice… well, chocolate is tastier.

6. Coffee or soda?
Num num coffee. I love it. I drink it all day long, if I can. In the summer, I make myself a tasty cup of coffee to keep from snacking on the aforementioned sugar. 

But soda will do in a pinch.
7. Heels or flats?
You’re gonna make me cry! I LOVE heels. Tall ones, pointy ones, heels with bows, bright colors. What I really want to wear is something like these:


But guess what?
Two years ago I got plantar fasciitis. What does that mean? Excruciating pain in my arch because I tore it. Or should I say them, because I got it in both feet. 
SO now I have to wear flats most of the time.But not the cute ones – oh, no. Those are TOO flat. I have to find the holy grail of shoes just to make it through the day. This rarely happens that I find a shoe that is adorable and has the right height and amount of arch and heel support. So I just wear the same old shoes every day. Booohooooo. 
So it looks like this:

8. Mac or PC?
I was a PC girl back in the day, BIG on PCs when I did web design (instinctively and crappily) for the small engineering company I worked for (family business). I could do anything – it was nice. But then I started teaching, and they gave us macs. Now I heart Mac. And it helps that my hunny is a mac through and through – won’t use anything else.

9. Book or movie version first?
Book Book Book!
But then, I usually don’t want to see the movie anyway.

10. Winter break or Spring Break?
Tough question. I love both seasons, but winter break is 2 weeks (yay) and spring break is one week (boo). Winter break is mid-year, and spring break means almost…
But I think I prefer winter break. There’s more time for family. Oooh! Can I choose summer? Summer break! Summer break!

I’m not going to tag anybody (sorry boo) because it seems I’m late to the party and lots of people have been tagged already. At the risk of re-tagging and giving someone a question-answering heart attack, I am going to sit down, take a break, and let everyone else tag each other until they pass out.
I’m in time out.
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  1. Love it! I have a doggy Penny too! Then, I got her Paisley she'd know how hard it is to put up with a high falootin' dog. =)

    Also, I would LOVE to wear high heels (I'm 5'1") but my mom passed down her "bad feet" genes and I can't either. I'm condemned to being short with bad feet. =}

    Emily @ Second Grade Silliness 

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