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Marshmallow Math & Kids at Parent Night *Freebie Repost

Today we got ready for Parent Night.
I mean, I like parents and all, but…
I stress about parent night.
I’m not sure why. I just expect parents to come in with a frowny face and angry eyebrows.
Maybe because I’m deathly afraid people won’t like me. That’s sad.
But they don’t. I usually get nice feedback, or none at all.
It’s funny to see the kids explain things to their parents.
On Reading…
Kid: This is my prediction.
Parent: Of what?
Kid: Of what I’m reading!
Parent: Oh. reading “Why do spiders spin webs.” Hmm. Why DO spiders spin webs?
Kid: I have no idea.
Nice. I’m really making an impact there. lol
On Social Studies…
Kid: This is our tree with the three branches of government. Get it? Trees have branches!!
Parent: Yes.
Can you feel the excitement?

On top of their desks, the kids put several of their notebooks to share about, including their math, reading, science, and social studies, as well as their science collection. Kids also write a brief note about parent night to their parents and put it in their Write On Wednesday notebooks. This parent night, on top of all that stuff, the kids had their marshmallow 3D shapes we made as part of our 3D shapes unit.
It went super well.
First, I had the kids predict the number of marshmallows they would need for vertices and toothpicks they would need for edges for each shape we made. 

We compared the prisms to pyramids, in the hopes that students would notice the major differences:
– pyramids have a base with a vertex opposite of the base
-prisms have two faces opposite each other
You can get both of  get the activities from my TPT store.


Also, grab the marshmallow model recording freebie at TPT!


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  1. Parent nights make me nervous, too! I hope that someday when I'm not so new they'll get easier, but I think I'm just worried that parents will bring up some complaint I never expected and I'll have to respond to it on the spot.

    Glad your night went well, though! It sounds like you had lots for them to do!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

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