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Makeover! Made-over Product Giveaway!

So everybody can use a makeover sometimes, right? Honestly, if someone credible walked up to me and said, “Girl, you need a makeover,” I’d say, “Yes, please. I don’t know what else to do with all this.” and then I’d let them be in charge.
That’s probably not going to happen. 
So instead, I did a product makeover! I mean, someone should feel pretty, right?

I made over one of my dumpy old products. It was from my first year on TPT. 
It was sad.
So sad.

And now it’s not! Now it’s happy and shiny and new! 

It includes this adorable craftivity (which my kids loved)

If you already downloaded my Government Pack, please download it again for the nice, new version. 
I also made over my hideous Genre Study Book from four years ago. I’m so excited with the new design! 

If you’ve already purchased it, please download it again for the nice, new version!

And if you haven’t bought it yet, here’s your chance to get it for free! Just leave me a comment with the which product you’d rather win: the Genre Study Book or the Government Pack. I’ll choose three winners over the weekend! Good luck! 
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