Bad Idea

Law and Order SVU should come with a disclaimer. It should read, “Do not watch more than two episodes at a time. Watching entire seasons at once can prove harmful to your sanity.”

I know this from personal experience. I have misguidedly watched more than three complete seasons of Law and Order SVU in the last three weeks. How is this possible? I watch them constantly. I play them while I clean, while I grade, while I plan, while I blog, while I stalk. (ew – stalk – bad choice of words) 

And this was a bad idea. 

I have had sleeping issues. I am thinking of filing a suit against the Law and Order people for disturbing my sanity. Every step of the cat is a masked man; every swish of the dishwasher is someone climbing in through a window. Every noise in my fifty year old house (which makes a lot of noises) is enough to cause me a mini heart attack. I’ve cried, I’ve been terrified, and overall, I’ve gone nuts. 

I should’ve known this would happen when a blog buddy commented, “Yes, one summer I watched all the Law and Order SVU seasons and I started carrying pepper spray.”

Pepper Spray!

And I still kept watching. So now I’m a nutjob. 
I’m going to rewatch Sherlock instead. He solves crimes, too, but his deep, resonating voice and piercing stare distract me from my terror.
As does Martin Freeman. Cause he’s just so huggable.

I haven’t forgotten my promise. I am planning my 300+ giveaway, but I want it to be great, and that takes time, people, so stay tuned.
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I also plan on Linking up with my Bucket List. The list has begun, but it is not completed.
The game is afoot!

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  1. You I know I love SVU 🙂 I'm going to check out Sherlock!!!! Have you seen the show Person of Interest???? It's really great too!

  2. I completely know what you mean about freaking out at every little thing after watching those shows!! I no longer let myself watch them if I'm alone 🙂

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