Summer Reading Log Freebie

All right, people. We’re in it to win it. I still have 8 days. E.I.G.H.T. days left to make these kids smarter.

I don’t know if I’ll make it.
But the terrifying good thing is I’ll have them again next year, when I loop up to fourth.

Ah, fourth. Comfort zone.

To encourage kids to read this summer (and not drop back to atrociously horrible reading levels that we have only just managed to escape with hours and hours of guided reading), we’re going to have a fun summer reading program. I’m super excited. We haven’t done this before! 

We’re going to have a parent meeting next week and kids (five struggling readers from each class) are going to get a canvas bag to decorate for their summer reading books. We are loaning about 3 – 4 books for each student and providing them with a summer reading log (freebie below) and some fun activities to do with their parents. Then, in July, we’re going to have a three-day half-day camp with fun activities for reading! I’m super super super excited. 

Here’s the calendar reading log. Grab it for free at TPT.

And, if you like the reading log calendars, grab my Monthly Printable Calendar Pack for only 1.50 at TPT or 1.25 Teacher’s Notebook! Great for calendar math, reading logs, behavior or homework records! I left the number dates off so you can use them year after year!

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  1. This is a great idea!! I was actually trying to think of something to do with my kiddos because I'm also looping. I'm so scared of all the hard work we've done this year to fly away with summer 🙁 I know there is bound to be some loss, but I'm hoping for as minimal as possible!

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