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Bright Ideas Hop: Special Delivery Book Bags

I’m ridiculously excited to be participating in the Bright Ideas Blog Hop, created by Shelley Gray of Teaching in the Early Years!
(This is my first hop, so I hope I can keep up!)
Today I’m sharing a simple idea that can help create excitement about reading in your classroom. It’s easy to use for kids of any age!
Special Delivery Book Bags!
Teaching kids how to read is important. But teaching kids to want to read is just as important! So we have to find ways to build in excitement about books into our day!

Special Delivery Book Bags are an easy way to use simple materials to really engage kids in the joy of reading! Each teacher in my school was given a kraft gift bag and tubs full of fun crafting supplies! We went to town, glueing and cutting, sticking and glittering. 
Two Ways to Use the Bags

This teacher was especially excited about her BOOK-worm!

There are several ways to use the Special Delivery Book Bag to build excitement around reading and celebrate books.

1. The Book Fairy Delivers!
When you buy a new book, put it in your book bag on top of your desk, table, or another conspicuous place. When the kids come in, tell them that you found it there when you arrived at school! It’s a special delivery! Later today, we’ll open it up and find out what’s inside! And what’s inside? A NEW BOOK! TO LOVE AND TO CHERISH! You read it aloud and model the joy of reading.

A little sparkle never hurt anyone!

2. Find a buddy!
Have a support teacher or a neighboring teacher arrive at your classroom door during classtime with the Special Delivery Book Bag. “Special Delivery!” they declare when you open the door. You are surprised and say, “This is a surprise! What’s in the bag?” After the normal amount of teacher pantomime and general building-up-ed-ness, you open the bag, cry for joy as you discover a new book, and stop everything to read!

Extra bling-y!
However you use it, this easy tip can help get kids thinking about the joy and discovery that comes with reading a new book!
If you’re  looking for more great ideas, visit the next blog on the blog hop, written by at Cindy Feeney at Love Those Kinders! She shares a great tip about motivating kids to use paper, glue, and crayons to encourage learning from creative hands! Or check out linky party below to choose a topic that’s up your alley! Thanks for hopping with us!

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