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Movie Themed Bulletin Boards and Displays!

I love a good theme, don’t you? Two years ago, my school did a camping theme for our Camp Read-A-Lot Family Night. Last year, we extended our theme – Reading is Our Super Power – into bulletin boards, our Family Night, and our 25 Book Campaign. This year, we’re having a BLAST with our latest theme! Movies! 
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To start our year off right, I made this display in our glass display case in the front of the school. I took pictures of the teachers with their favorite books and asked them to write about why that book was their favorite. I added the little stars and copies of the books to the inside of the display.

Pop Into the Library and Read a Good Book

My librarian buddy and I made this book recommendation board outside the library. We added covers of books that have been made into movies!
Lights, Camera, Read!

This Book of the Month board is a simple display that I update each month to feature our new schoolwide book of the month! It’s hard to read the letters in this picture – they read “Book of the Month.”
Meet the Reading Stars of the 25 Book Campaign

Here’s our 25 Book Campaign Wall! We recognize the students who participate in the 25 Book Campaign each month!
Roll Out the Red Carpet for Literacy Night

And this display features the student products and pictures from our Fun Family Literacy Night: Roll Out the Red Carpet for Literacy Night.

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