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Five for Friday Link-Up, holiday style!

This week has been insane. I think I’ve overestimated how much I can fit into a day. Apparently, it’s only about 16 hours worth of stuff, not the 28 hours I’m trying to squeeze in. It turns out, I am an ordinary human, like you. I’m not Wonder Woman. I’m kind of depressed to find this out.

Anyway, these pictures represent some of the things I’ve actually managed to accomplish this week. As you can see, Christmas is kind of a big priority.

This is our little library book tree! My librarian buddy and I made it out of boring reference books 🙂

And these are our Poet-Trees! We typed up poems on ornaments and copies them onto construction paper. Then we decorated each ornament with glitter paint and hung it out the tree. We made three trees: Grades 3 – 5, English for grades K – 2, and Spanish for grades K – 2. When the kids come to the library, they can choose a poem from the tree and keep it!

On Wednesday I met with my Harry Potter book club. We meet once a week to read Harry Potter and do some fun stuff. This week, we finished our bookmarks with glitter paint!
This is our little book tree in the library! 
 Each year, my school has a family night for the faculty. My dad has played Santa for the last two years – he greets the kids, does some ho-ho-ho-ing, and hands out the gifts the parents have brought for their kids. I always get my little brother a gift from Santa. He’s 18 years old, and he’s about 9 inches taller than our dad. So this, to me, is hilarious.

My hunnybun is a photographer, and he needed some holiday photos for backgrounds. So he took pictures of our Christmas tree! I love our tree. It’s blue and silver and old-fashioned-y.

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