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So lately I’ve kind of been snowed under with all of this work I’ve been doing for my new product: Rolling Out Reader’s Workshop for grades 3-5. But I also have several other items on my list to accomplish today, including reading some articles for an inservice I have tomorrow, cleaning, and paying some bills. 

This, of course, means that I am looking for other things to do so I do not have to do those things I just mentioned. And I found the perfect one!

I was browsing through some blogs the other day, and came across this graphic.

Oh, yes. I can participate.
I have piles of piles. I have piles upon piles that have been created to disguise piles of other piles. My StUfF is piled on top of other sTuFf and it’s giving me anxiety.
I hate walking by these piles. Because these piles all represent
– Things I am supposed to do
– Things I can’t do yet because I’m waiting for another thing
– Things I already started but haven’t finished
– Things I started but can’t finish unless school starts and/or I get married
This is because I have two kinds of piles. As I was wandering around the house with my phone, snapping pile pictures, I began to realizes… I don’t just have SCHOOL piles. I have WEDDING piles and piles and piles! 
I have a whole room piled full of wedding piles!
I hate my anxiety-causing piles. 
I am a lover of “a place for everything, and everything in its place.” These piles have taken over places where nothing should be. I am pretending I want them there.
Let’s start with the tour.
Near my front door, in a high-visibility spot, I keep my school bag. Inside of this bag are items (documents, papers, articles) that I intend to take to school with me. Stacked artistically on top is a bag of Office Depot stuff I bought two weeks ago, ready for the first week in August!

Inside of this Office Dept bag are my purchases: A new notebook and a new calendar. I love technology, but when it comes to note-taking and date-keeping, I am surprisingly simple. I need to be able to flip. I also like notebooks small enough to fit in my purse, and the covers should be bendy without creasing. 
To find the right notebook is kind of holy-grail-ish, so when I found it, I bought and put it in a place I can’t miss it. Neither can anyone else. 
I also keep my gift mug here; a gift from one of my teachers that I want to take with me when school starts. I find it creates a homey atmosphere.
This pile is new, especially embarrassing, and was not created by me.
It is an enormous Smucker’s box full of crap. It is from my brother and sister-in-law. They are extreme couponers. Need I say more? At least this pile is contained in a box. Unfortunately, this box has crayons somewhere deep inside, so I can’t put it in the garage. It is in my den. Lovely.

On my dining room table, I have another set of piles. This is a pile of books to read. I have read exactly 1/3 of each of these books.
This is a pile of sample anchor charts I made for a my never-ending Reader’s Workshop product. I’m going to take them to school to put in my room (I’m the Literacy Coach) as ideas for the teachers. It’s taking up half of my dining room table.

This is a mini-pile of pop tabs. My school collects them for the Ronald McDonald house, and I’ve chosen to keep them in this aesthetically pleasing spot.

Also being collected are more bottle tops for my teachers. They’re using them to make letter manipulatives and don’t they look lovely in that antique ice-cream dish? Really finishes off the look, I think.
These are wedding piles. These are much worse.
My entire guest bedroom is heaping with boxes full of things I’m saving to work on for the wedding

And things I’ve already worked on. I have about 100 glass jars, about half of them wedding-ready  and half nowhere close. 

My craft supplies are strewn in bags.

I’ve got empty wine bottles and piles of fabric.

I even found a mini-pile of jars by the kitchen sink. 
I’ve rinsed them but now I need to figure out how to remove that label!! (The sticky ones are the worst)
My piles are embarrassing. They’re downright shameful. They’re not even all hidden from the casual observer, although I do slam the guest bedroom door shut as soon as the doorbell rings. That’s the least I can do to HIDE MY PILES!
Ok, I showed you mine. Now show us yours! 
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  1. Your post makes me feel like I am at home. Oh wait, that's because my house looks like that! I have jars on my counter for pop tabs and plastic lids. What are you using the jars for in regard to your wedding? Center pieces?


  2. Haha I love your honest post! You are brave to post all your pictures, my house looks very similar; piles and piles of stuff to work through! We just got married two weeks ago and I STILL have wedding stuff all over the place, in addition to all our teaching stuff.

    You should come over and check out my 300 Follower giveaway, my amazing sponsors have really outdone themselves!

    Miss L
    Miss L’s Whole Brain Teaching

  3. Asalamu Alaykom,

    Hate to tell you, but it doesn't get any better in Egypt! My last day of teaching was June 27 and I've got paper mountains yet to climb. I switched schools and grade levels this year so I made it my goal to sort through all my teaching materials. It's just been too many years of stashing and not sorting through. So far, I've discovered that they can take up a third of the living room floor. With my husband's patience waning, I think I'd better make more of an effort.

    Also, I read this HORRIBLE article about a hoarder in Minnesota who died in a fire at his house. Basically, his piles killed him! I can't have things consume my life. I need my house for people not stuff. That story is pushing me to not see my piles as harmless. I need to get some control over them STAT.

    "Piles," by the way are what the British call hemorrhoids. I find that very accurate since these piles around our homes are really a pain in the …well…I'll stop there.

    Thanks for being so honest! And to think I was only coming here to look for figurative language posters!

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