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Thankfully Stuffed

Tomorrow is the first year I’ll be hosting Thanksgiving in my our home. My hunny moved in about a month ago and we’re having his family over tomorrow (thankfully, just his parents and godfather) for Thanksgiving dinner.


I’ve helped to make every item on a Thanksgiving table, and made some of them exclusively by myself, but I’ve never made the whole meal from start to finish. Without supervision from my mother. This will be a challenge. To make things even more exciting, my hunny’s parents only speak Spanish. I mean, there’s a smattering of English in there, and I’ve got my high school Spanish, which you can imagine how excellent that it, but suffice it to say our conversations aren’t exactly scholarly. They sound like this:

That’s nice.
You like it?
Yes. I like it. It’s good.
Yeah, I like it, too.
I don’t like that one.
No, I don’t like that. Fernie does.
Fernie does. Yes. I don’t.

That conversation could have been about any noun. Cars, cake, sofas, television shows, people, blouses, any noun at all. And that’s really all we have to say, despite a lot of things that we think. Today was PIE day. 

We (my mother, sister-in-law, and I) made fourteen pies, fifty-some empanadas, a lemon thing, and

cranberry sauce. Why am I so full? Because I taste-tested every item; some at multiple stages in their development. 

Hmmmm….that apple strudel looks tasty. Taste taste.

Now I’ll put it on the apples and mix it up. Num nums.

Now I’ll roll a little in a little ball of dough. Mmmm…

Not healthy, I know, but it is what it is. Just being honest. Maybe making some of you feel better.
I decided, at the very last minute, to participate in A Year of Many Firsts Stuffed with Thankfulness Linky Party! My thankful things are similar to everyone else’s. No one ever says that they’re thankful for baking powder or carrots (although those are two extremely useful things. Baking powder for making tasty biscuits and carrots for making…what else? Carrot cake). But it’s good to share.

I’m thankful for this guy. He’s my hunny. 

Not Martin Luther King. I mean, he’s great, and I’m thankful for him, too, but my hunny is the one on the left.
He’s on the right in this one. That other guy is Babe Ruth. 

These people make me pretty thankful, too:

My best friend, Rachel. 

My great sister-in-law, Stephanie. Super fun to be around, and she’s a teacher, too, so we bore everyone with our teacher talk.
All my bros and my parents. This is John & Stephanie’s wedding, about a two years ago. We’re lucky that, even though we tease each other mercilessly, (see below) we all actually like each other; something my hunny frequently reminds me of.
The other day, we celebrated my brother Ben’s twenty second birthday by playing the game “Partini.” This is a dangerous game. For one round, we had to write things about the person who chose the card and the person had to decide which was funniest and which was truest. 
These were some of the statements written about me:
– I am a man who has funky teeth and I’m not as smart as I think. (from John. How sweet.)
– I am down to Earth (opinionated). (from Ben. This was truest.)
– I like tasty things (from Stephanie. This was funniest. Because it was true)
I am the boss of can I can I have I can do anything I try to do! (this was mom. She struggled a bit.)
– I was such a mean teacher to my students they told me to teach other teachers. (from Matt. Insightful.)
Other highlights: “I’m the smartest one around. When I’m not around family.” and “I can’t fix anything without breaking it first.”

That’s pretty much what I’m thankful for. Of course there’s a home, job that I love, and my furry friends, but the people are the biggest piece of the pie.

Go link up with A Year of Many Firsts!

And don’t forget to check out my One Year Blogiversary Giveaway & Sales! That’s how I am showing my thankfulness to you great followers!

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