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A Real Teacher of Blog County

So, I’m a real teacher of blog county. How can you tell?
I drink coffee in the morning and wine all night.
I wear comfy shoes that allow me to walk (and run when necessary) all day.
I take my lunch because school lunch is yucky.
My guided reading table is clean 90% of the time.
And I haunt the Target Dollar Spot.

All of these things make me a real teacher. 
But there’s one more thing. 
A dark secret.
Something no one should ever see or know.
my closet.
This, seriously, might be the worst closet you’ve ever seen. It’s so bad there could be a child living in there and I would never know. There could actually be a whole Lord of the Flies situation in here and I’d never know. 

I’m really just a secret slob. Honestly, I like a neat desk and a neat guided reading table. I like my pens and pencils in separate cups and I have one notebook and calendar I use ALL THE TIME. But when it comes to out of sight, out of mind, I am the worst offender. There should be most wanted posters with my name on it that say, WANTED: HORRIBLE SLOB. Because my closet, where I stuff and shove all things someday useful but not today, is horrendous.
This is why it got so bad. I run a lot of school events. So I house the materials for those events along with my other personal junk. So I bought these handy storage drawers.
I filled them up with the supplies for the school programs I ran last year. And then I ran out of space. Syrup, goldfish, crayons, and scissors were stuffed in here.

So then I filled up this tub with other stuff from the schoolwide programs. Bags, yarn, pencils, glue, and more found their way to this tub. And when this tub was full, I made stacks and stacks and stacks. I can’t seem to make the time to clean it! Something else is always more important.

This might be the best part. I had a bag of plastic spider rings for Halloween and one fell out and landed right inside the door. Every time I open the closet, my heart leaps and I think, “EEK!” and then I remember it’s only plastic. But do I pick it up? No. I’m too busy for that. 

So now you know my dark secret. You should share yours! Or, if you don’t have one, just check out everyone else’s and be smug about how tidy and perfect you are. Visit Second Grade is Out of this World to check out the link-up!

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