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Guided Reading is my favorite

I have intended to blog about Guided Reading for weeks. Literally, weeks. I saw the linky party up at the Teacher’s Cauldron the first day it was posted! 
But alas, I have been a nut job since then. I have been a cleaning, messing, planning, emailing, purchasing, headaching, moving, sorting, and training nut job. Still getting used to the new position. Although I’ve heard from other people in this position that it will take several years and then I’ll still feel like I’m getting used to the new position.
It’s exciting, though. I get to train people on things dear to my heart. Things like…
Guided Reading!
Guided Reading is my favorite. It’s essential for growing our struggling readers. The strategic planning and using data to focus our instruction is exciting (in a teachery way) and watching your readers grow one step at a time fills up your teacher heart. 
A couple of weeks ago, I was able to train my campus on our new guided reading initiatives. In order to share the materials with you, I put together a freebie pack for TPT of the Guided Reading Materials that I thought would be helpful! In the pack, I included
5 Big Ideas for Guided Reading
2 covers for Guided Reading binders (color and black and white)
Schedule to plan guided reading groups
Lesson Plan format
Reading Level Tracker for kids to track their progress
Also, please check out the posts I’ve put up in the past about Guided Reading for pictures and how-tos!
Check out my TPT freebie Pack.
I hope it helps out.

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