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Five for Friday

This week was chaos. Between early release happening unexpectedly on Thursday (we saw snowflakes. We live in the desert. We apparently don’t know what to do about that) and late start on Friday (it was cold), it was hard to get much accomplished! 

 I did try, though. So here is some evidence that things did happen this week at school…or wherever.

I am so excited about this room! We’ve been working on making a reading lounge; a room full of cozy spots to read! We have the rugs, we have the furniture, and we’re working on the lighting. It’s almost ready for students!

This picture is so cool because our second graders did such a great job this week on their interesting people museum projects! They researched an interesting person, created a presentation board and presentation and presented them to each others’ classes. 
 I worked with my fifth grade group this week on making meaning out of informational text. We worked on pulling out important ideas and using the text features to gather information.

In my Potter Fans Book Club, we started some fun character maps. Each student chose a character they were interested in and started to use the book to record details that help us understand the character. 
I modeled expository writing in a fourth grade class this week.We each had to choose a career we would love, so of course, I chose being a writer! Then we had to brainstrom reasons we would love that career. Not surprisingly, the first reason I thought of was… notebooks! I love office supplies.
That’s my Five for Friday! Head over to Doodle Bugs to check out other pictures from this week!


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  1. I share your love of office supplies, as well as your dream of being a writer! I love your list! I also love the famous person report/portrait idea! Thanks for sharing!
    Stories and Songs in Second

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