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Ding Dong! Trick-or-Treat! Freebie

Oh, people, I am so desperate for cold weather. This horrible in-between season keeps taunting me. It’s nice and cool in the morning and I put on a short-sleeved sweater and pants. And then by about 11:30 I am incredibly hot and disgusting. I want to peel the layers off and walk around with no pants, but I can’t because I’m a member of society.

So I keep making these products that are fall themed so I can live vicariously through the adorable KPM Doodles clipart.

The newest product is my Trick-Or-Treat! Halloween Math Centers. It includes a bonus freebie, which you can also get below.


Check them out at TPT or Teacher’s Notebook.

And grab your odd and even freebie at TPT or Teacher’s Notebook! Couldn’t help but make it. Look at this odd little guy.

Also, don’t forget to check out the Happy Fall, Y’all blog hop sale at TPT
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