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Marshmallow Multiplication – Freebie!

I get a little overzealous when it comes to the holidays. You may remember this from my Christmas Story post last year. I survived my Christmas lights debacle, but it’s a challenge I undertake every holiday season and I really can’t say if I’ll make it out alive this year.
Last night, a cold front blew in. This gave me the justification I’d been waiting for to start making winter and Christmas themed products. It doesn’t take much to justify my fetishes.
I spent all evening working on my Winter Themed Roll and Color Math Boards. I’m actually pretty happy with them. I wish I was a kid so I could go back to school and do stuff like this, instead of having Ms. Welch (true story) call me up to her desk in the front of the room and ask me my multiplication facts in front of everyone. I was not good at multiplication facts. I’m not sure why, but they were completely elusive to me in third grade. My brain wasn’t ready to work that way. So every time Ms. Welch called me up, I walked hesitantly up to her desk and prepared for the challenge by hyperventilating. This did not prove an effective strategy.
Ms. Welch: 4 x 4
Me: 16
Ms. Welch: 4 x 7 
Me: 28
Ms. Welch: 4 x 9
Me: …
Ms. Welch: 4 x 9
Me: …
Ms. Welch: Go sit down.
Me: *squish*
How awful, right? And then I’d sit there and watch Jolene and Abby get them all right. I’m sure they’re very successful now with all that multiplication fact knowledge at their fingertips.
Anyway, as I was saying before I interrupted myself with an opportunity to beat myself up, I made these fun games. And I got super psyched about Christmas and winter in general. So this morning, I awoke from a dream about making winter-themed publishing paper for kids to write on. I loved those papers when I was a kid and my kids always seem to love them too. I got up early (for a Sunday, anyway), and made some tasty coffee. I fed the dogs and began hunting for my Charlie Brown holiday set. What better way to get myself into the seasonal mood than watching Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving?

Just looking at it makes me happy.

I might need to add at this point that, when my hunny moved in, all of his stuff moved in, too. And a lot of his stuff included electronics. With wires. And plugs. And cables. 

In other words, stuff I didn’t have.

So we had to find lots of places for stuff. Such as a playstation. And speakers. And an amp. And about a thousand (slight exaggeration) DVDs. 

My little stack of DVDs paled in comparison with his bazillions of them. So when I went to look for my Charlie Brown holiday set, I had several places to hunt.

I looked in the cupboard. I looked in entertainment center. I looked in the closet. I looked in my hunny’s office.
It’s gone. It’s gone forever. I don’t know where it is and I’m very sad.
So now I’m watching Elf. 
I’m still working on my holiday themed papers, but I am a little depressed about Charlie Brown. How suitable, I guess.
Even though I’m sad, I have a freebie to offer you! It’s one of my roll and color boards from the Winter Themed Roll and Color Math Boards Pack. (That’s a long title)
Oh, and by the way. My hunny just came out of the bedroom where he was taking his winter’s nap. He asked me, “Hunny, why are you watching Elf?”
“Cause I couldn’t find Charlie Brown.”
“Hun, it’s in the entertainment center.”
“No, it’s not.”
“Yes, it is. You have to look behind the other DVDs.”
Oh. Found it.
Here’s the whole pack – grab it at TPT or Teacher’s Notebook.

And here’s your freebie! At TPT or Teacher’s Notebook.

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