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So this week was kind of nutty. It was my “first week off” from school, but I had inservice on Monday and Tuesday, my brother graduated from high school on Wednesday, and yesterday I went up to school for half-a-day to get some odds & ends done. So today is my first day that feels like summer and I’m so happy.

These are the best weeks to link up to Doodle Bugs Teaching’s Five for Friday Link Up! 
This week was full of family. On Sunday, we had a cookout at my husband’s parents’ house for his dad’s birthday. The hunny was the chef and his dad tied his apron 🙂

This was a clever strategy for review that we used during the inservice I attended on Monday and Tuesday. After every major concept we learned, we went to a chart on the wall and wrote as many words as we could think of under each letter. The next concept we learned, we changed markers. Great and easy strategy for review!

On Wednesday, we went to a baseball game at our local minor league stadium. I had two margaritas. 

We had a great time!

And on Wednesday morning, my youngest brother graduated from high school! Proud of him for moving to the next big thing in his life: college. 

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