Devil Rolls and Pinterest Linky Party!

I know I mentioned that I’m going on a cruise soon. Unfortunately, I’m a bit of a tub-o. It’s genetic. Also I really like tasty stuff. And the worst part is that my hunny is an enabler. He loves food. And he also loves sitting on the couch. So I’m having a few issues about putting on a swimsuit and romping around like a dorkus. I don’t mind curves (those aren’t going anywhere!) but I would like to have a few less curves in certain areas.

Yesterday, my hunny’s godfather took us to dinner. We went to my hunny’s favorite place: Texas Roadhouse. If you’ve been to Texas Roadhouse, you know that there are two things on the table before your meal arrives. There is a bucket of peanuts and there is a basket of fluffy, doughy, deliciously smushy rolls.

Well, I had just spent the whole day trying not to think about the frozen cookie dough in my freezer. I didn’t plan it that way – I bought cookie dough from a high school football player when he came to my door about four months ago. Then I forgot about it, because it never came. On Thursday (my first day of summer break), the little football player arrived at my door with two tubs of frozen cookie dough and an apology that it took so long. So I stuffed them in the freezer and tried not to think about them. Because I heart cookie dough.

So after a day of trying to keep the cookie dough from shoving itself in my face, I was super hungry. I had tried to deter my craving for tastiness with the pin below about Greek yogurt, but it’s no substitute for cookie dough. I had a plan, though. I was going to let Fernie and his godfather eat the rolls while I ate peanuts.

I sat at the table, and the waitress placed our bowl of doughy goodness in the middle. I looked around…

and there were no peanuts. I panicked for a second. I looked around helplessly. I saw other people enjoying their peanuts.

And I saw other people enjoying their fluffy puffy balls of baked dough as well. Oh dear.

Hunny! I said. Where are the peanuts?!

He chuckled. He knew what I was doing, so he found me some peanuts. I proceeded to shove them into my face at a rate that would impress a circus elephant.

They finished the rolls.

Then the waitress came back. “Oh!” she said. “Do you need some new rolls?”
But she didn’t just ask it, people. As the words were coming out of her mouth, tiny little horns popped out of her head and her voice dropped several octaves. She grew little fangs and proclaimed it in an evil voice while little flames danced in her pupils. “Yes.” said my hunny.

I will refrain from  making a comment about his supportiveness here.

I summoned the power of Greyskull and magically, no rolls entered my person. However, I did shell peanuts like a squirrel. Yay for me.

These are my pinterest finds that I have tried or want to try this summer, and I’m linking up with Amber at Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher.

To try to fill myself up without lots of calories, I’ve been having Greek yogurt for breakfast with just some walnuts in it. I unfortunately love ice cream. I thought this might be a good middle ground.

Mine were not as pretty, but they were tasty!
I like these B.E.E. books: Bring Everything Everday. It can hold homework, agenda, notes home, etc.
I really liked these little birthday straws – I even bought the straws already!
And this one is just a really bad idea. But I love pink lemonade, and I love margaritas. So how can Pink Lemonade Margaritas go wrong?

I think four is enough. to commit to. I don’t want to be overzealous.
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  1. I could never say no to rolls, so good job to you!

    We had BEE Binders this year in my class and they worked out wonderfully! The parents liked them a lot too because they kept everything organized and they didn't have to worry about sending a folder and a planner and whatever else to school every day since it was all in the binder!

    And I did those birthday straws and they also worked out great! So A+ to you on the pins. 🙂

    Marvelous Multiagers!

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