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Currently, I’m nuts. Currently I’m obsessing (like you are) over my room. This is my currently, linking up with Oh’Boy Fourth Grade!

Back to School Necessities

1. Bee stuff. I’m ot picky. If it has bees, I want it. (Unless they’re the weird bee people things. I don’t like people who look like bees. I just like bees.)
Today I bought this guy at Kohl’s:

Isn’t he funny? He’s the adorable Skippyjon Jones bee!
You can still get him at Kohl’s online becasue I know you want him, too.

I also bought this cute bee border from Eraser Dust.
It’s here at Carson-Dellosa.
And, I bought this adorable bee fabric from Wal-Mart. Only one yard – it was muy expensive.
2. I love and need my awesome hot glue gun. I’ve had the same glue gun since I was a kid making mums for my brother’s girlfriends. I have used and abused my old gun, and it still melts that glue better than any new one. 
3. Coffee. I’m not fancy. I don’t need Starbucks (too much sugar. Which means too tasty. I’ve never had a regular (not sugar-free) Starbucks, and I don’t think I should, because I will be hooked. And then I’ll be diabetic. It runs in the family.) 
I’m happy with my tasty flavored coffee. And at school, I can deal with the boring, run-of-the-mill, occasionally tastes like ashes Folgers coffee that they make in the lounge. I rarely finish a whole cup, but I love me some coffee in the morning.

Now you go link up with Farley and share your nuttiness!
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  1. I LOVE the Bee from Kohls. Too cute! I have been obsessing over my room also. I've lost sleep over it. I use my hot glue gun for everything. I used it to hang up my curtains in my classroom AND my table skirts.


  2. If I watch any more Cheers reruns on Netflix my husband might pull our account. But I love the early years!
    I hope you can get to your classroom soon. I can't bee-lieve how much bee-utiful bee stuff you bee-ought!

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