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Reader’s Workshop MiniSeries: Linky Party!

So, for the past couple weeks, I’ve shared the Ins & Outs of my Reader’s Workshop program, tips & tools, and some products, and freebies, too! 

Check out these posts to read about Reader’s Workshop in my room:

Many people use tools and ideas similar to those that I use. But not everyone is the same! I know I personally modified some pieces of the workshop to suit my kids’ needs and purposes. You have probably created some special systems that work for you and are special to your classroom.
Now, I’d like to hear from you! 
What does Reading look like in your classroom?

What does your reading program look like, no matter what the program is? I’d love to have you share how you spend your reading time! Posts can be linked even if they are older posts that tell us about your reading components. Products may be included in the post, but there should be content with a product in addition to it, not just a product.

Link up below and let us know! 

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