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Bright Ideas: A Blast From the Past!

November’s Bright Ideas post is very unique. Instead of being a million brand-new bright ideas, we’re giving you a change to browse through some of the great bright ideas from the last ten months that you might have missed! 

The Bright Ideas posts are great places to get interesting and useful tips and ideas to use in your classroom without having to download anything! No freebies, no products, and no hard drive space involved! Just good teaching and great tips.
These are my Bright Ideas posts from the last year. Check them out and maybe you’ll find something new to try out!

I was extra-excited about this Bright Idea. This fun Creative Writing Response for Any Book! is a good way to get kids to respond to text while encouraging them to develop their writing vocabularies, too!

Setting Behavioral Goals  is a great way to get kids thinking about their own goals for behavior while encouraging teamwork, too!

 I love my color-coded Response Rings for checking for understanding. I hope you love them, too!
Personal Editing Checklists are a differentiated tool to help individual students develop a sequence for editing their own writing!

 My first Bright Ideas post was about Special Delivery Book Bags, a fun way to get kids excited and engaged in reading new books you introduce to the class!


I hope you’ve found some useful tips here! If you see something you like, follow my blog Check out some of the other Bright Ideas Posts below!

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