Big News from Buzzing with Ms. B

I just got back from the TpT conference, and so I figured it’s time to make some pretty huge announcements. Because big things are going on around here.

Really big things.

Like, some of the biggest things in my whole life. Aside from getting married. Or maybe not. This might be bigger.

There are two big changes coming to a Buzzing with Ms. B near you. And these are what they are:

I am having a baby!  We’re due in late November.

I have left working at a school, and now I’m going to work with schools!

Here are some details:

#1 The baby thing:
We’ve been trying to have a baby for a few years, but between my issues and my hunnybun’s issues, it was sort of a nonstarter for a while. Finally, after the miracle that is modern fertility science, we are five and a half months pregnant!

And guess what?  It’s a girl!

We are over the moon. Aside from my constant pregnancy anxiety
(during which I have spent entire days on the following), I’m feeling pretty good.

  • Eating something without thinking and being sure I’ve had listeria.
  • Coating myself in bug spray to avoid Zika (I live in a desert, guys).
  • Feeling the baby kick and worrying she’s kicking too much.
  • Not feeling the baby kick and worrying she’s kicking too little.
  • Visiting the ER on vacation because I thought I had a blood clot in my leg.
  • Holding my breath around smokers.
  • Googling whether attending a conference can damage the baby’s hearing.
  • Stressing about which sleeping position is best.  
  • Sorting through tons of hand-me-downs and trying to figure out what the various straps & snaps are for. (No packaging!)
Please tell me this is normal.
So I think it’s safe to say, it’s been a little emotional.

So far, I haven’t done a ton of stuff for baby (it’s hard for me to accept that she’ll actually be here in November), but because I have the most generous friends and and family, I have a ton of stuff. My sister-in-law gave me so many hand-me-downs, and so did several of my friends who’d recently had babies.

I’ve really only done two things.

1. I made an Amazon gift registry. So that’s was overwhelming. I add stuff to it all the time when people tell me about baby must-haves.

2. I have cleaned out the baby’s room (which was my husband’s office – sorry, honey), and rebuilt the office in the guest bedroom.

That’s it.

The only other thing I’ve done in preparation for this baby is…

#2 I left my job.


I know! I left my job! So here’s what I’m thinking:

I work a lot. Like, a whole lot of hours of my life are spent at school, thinking about school, and getting to and from school. And I feel like that’s the level of dedication that my specific school requires and deserves. Then I come home and think about TpT for at least a few hours each day.

I know myself. I know that if I feel like I’m not doing justice to my school or to my little bun, or the hunnybun, I’m going to be very frustrated with myself. I’m not good at juggling like so many people are. I’m sort of like a horse with blinders. I’m a one-track mind kind of person. The thing that I have the hardest time accepting is when I don’t accomplish “enough”. When I don’t get done the things I planned to get done. So I didn’t feel like I could effectively balance home and work. Kudos to anyone who does.

So I’m staying home. However, I still plan on eating and having a roof over my head. And, on top of that, I am currently experiencing school withdrawls. I see your Instagram posts – Target Dollar Spot and new bulletin boards. Planning your first few weeks, and integrating technology. And I know I can’t not be a school person. That’s what I do. So I plan to do a few things with myself to continue to support the education community. Here’s what I plan to do:

Keep on TPTing.
Keep on blogging. I love to share ideas.
Consult with schools. I love working with teachers!
Add video. I know it’s a great way to reach teachers directly all over the world, so this is going to be a big focus for me over the next couple months.

So don’t worry. I have no idea what life will look like after November, but till then, you’ll actually see more of me; not less. I’m here to stay, teachers. Girl gotta TPT.

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  1. Congratulations!! Having a baby is such a wonderful, miraculous experience!! I just gave birth to my first baby boy exactly two weeks ago from today 🙂 And YAY to you for leaving school to focus on baby!! I wish I could do that. I do hope to get my TPT game on while on maternity leave 🙂
    Teaching in Paradise

  2. WOW! Your life will be so "FULL"….great decision to stay home…They are only young for a short while. ENJOY IT! Do ALL of the MESSY things you never would do in class! SO WORTH IT! CONGRATS! Wendy 1stgradefireworks

  3. Congratulations!! Best of luck in your new endeavors and blessings to your new little one AND you and your hubby as you start your amazing journey as parents. <3

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