Poppin the Question!

I know I haven’t blogged in a few days. Everyone’s being so busy-busy and I’ve done nothing. Every time I look at my laptop, I think, “Nooo….I don’t want to go there.” Opening my laptop starts a whole series of events that includes compulsively checking my email (which I already check on my phone anyway!) reading the latest Yahoo! news stories (or looking at the pictures anyway) and checking out hundreds of blogs. 

This takes a lot of time, and I’ve been on cloud nine, so I didn’t want to. Why am I on cloud nine? Cause…

What’s that? It’s wedding bells! For me!

Yes, my hunnybun popped the big question on Christmas Eve. Here’s the bling:

The smarty-pants checked my pinterest board to see what kind of a ring I wanted. 

That whole day, I knew he was going to do it (he has issues with subtlety) and I was so excited to get home already and exchange gifts (expecting one of those gifts to be a ring). I had spent the whole day nagging him. “HUNNY! Let’s go home! Hurry up! Presents presents presents!”

We went to church first and I could tell his hands were cold during the Lord’s prayer. Mmm-HMM! I knew it! Nerves!

We got home and he handed me my stocking. 
That sounds weird. Let me clarify: I demand a stocking full of things. Special things for me. I also fill up one for him. You’re supposed to do stockings on Christmas Day (everybody knows) but he is so excited every year, that we can’t wait. So he handed me my stocking and I hurriedly pulled out all the special things he gave me. Creamer for my coffee, a package of rolos, and some mini Oreos and a bottle of wine. 
Okay, so it covered both my favorite beverages and some sweet stuff, besides, but no ring? I was sure it would be in there!

I shoved my hand all the way in and felt around the toe. There was something small down there.
I grabbed it and pulled it out. It was a Rolo. The package had opened and there were Rolos rolling around down there.

I shoved one in my face.

Then he handed me a large red box. 
YES! A big box with a little box in it, I thought. I tore open the paper and saw


He got me the sneakers I asked for.

I was very confused. I shoved another Rolo in my face. 

At that point, of course, is when he laughed, got down on a knee, asked me to marry him. With a mouthful of Rolo, I said yes! 

So you’ll forgive me for being post-less and comment-less since before Christmas. My head is in another place, full of pearls and flowers, pinterest boards with adorable dresses and favors. I’m excited. I’ll let you know how these wedding shenanigans go. And I’ll be pinning away for our wedding on my Someday I’ll Get Married pin board.

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  1. that is just too funny! My son in law did the same thing. I was sitting beside him in church. . . he had asked us about a month before for permission to marry her.But he didn't tell us when he was going to do it . . . . in church his leg was jiggling like crazy. . . I almost grabbed it and told him to quit it! After we went to bed, he asked her, and I never heard a thing. . . I must have been dead to the world.
    congrats! You'll have so much fun planning the wedding with your mom. It's a great time!
    Second In Line

  2. Congrats, Chrissy!

    There are so many wonderful things to look forward to on the adventure you are beginning. Remember the wedding is one (beautiful, joyous, amazing) day, but your marriage will be forever. I wish you a fun, exciting journey and many, many years of happiness together.

  3. How exciting! I actually just stopped by your blog to send you a message and I'm so glad I did because this is such great news! Congratulations, enjoy every moment of the planning and celebrating πŸ™‚
    I was going to let you know that I am celebrating my 1 Year Blogiversary right now (I wanted to give you a heads up because you were also part of my Christmas Linky party!)If you are interested, I am hosting a giveaway right now.
    Congrats again and best wishes with everything!

    Miss L
    Miss L’s Whole Brain Teaching

  4. YEAH!! CONGRATS!!!!! That is so exciting!! When I first got engaged I didn't want to do anything but look at my ring and Pin wedding things. You'll be on cloud 9 for awhile and even going back to school won't feel as bad as it used to everything is like a whole new wonderful world!! So happy for you!!
    Rambling About Reading

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